3 Signs There May Be A Gas Leak At Your Home

May 01, 2021

Do you believe there is a gas leak in your home? If so, do not delay in getting your gas line tested for potential leaks. Also make sure to contact your gas provider as soon as you start to believe there is a leak. The reason why your gas provider and a licensed plumbing company need to be contacted as quickly as possible is due to the fact that gas leaks are potentially hazardous. This is because gas is known to be highly combustible as well as potentially causing dizziness, light headiness, or other health effects amongst people. Gas leaks need to be properly identified and promptly repaired by a licensed professional. Below are 3 signs that indicate a potential gas leak. caution

1. Gas Smell
Both natural gas and propane have a distinct odor which is due to an additive that is added by utility companies giving it that “rotten egg” smell. This is added in for your safety so if a gas leak does occur within your home, you notice shortly after it the leak arises.

2. Hissing Sound
If you hear a hissing sound near the gas lines within or outside of your home, you potentially could have a gas leak. A hissing noise coming from gas lines, usually means that gas is escaping through the gas line. If you hear and smell gas leaking, act immediately and contact your utility provider.

3.Discolored Vegetation
Even though we are unable to see underground gas lines, a way to identify an outdoor gas leak is by discolored vegetation. Browning or decaying shrubbery near the location of an outdoor gas line while the rest of the surrounding vegetation is healthy and green, can be an indicator that there is an underground gas leak.

It is imperative that a gas leak is located right away and repaired efficiently by a qualified and licensed plumbing professional. If you smell gas at your home, give us a call at 281-860-2000 to have a licensed and experienced service professional locate and repair the gas line leak.