3 Ways to Prepare Your Plumbing for the Holidays

December 15, 2022

Is your plumbing ready for the holiday season? If you’re like most homeowners, then your plumbing system probably isn’t on your mind at this time of year. However, it’s important to make sure your plumbing system is ready for the holidays. This way, you can entertain your family and friends without worrying about a clog or a leak. Below, we’ll share 3 easy ways to prepare your plumbing for the holiday season.

1- Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals often get clogged during the holidays. That is because they are being used more frequently than normal. Try to keep heavy food waste out of your drains and throw into the trash. This will help prevent your disposal and drains from clogging. If there is an excess amount of waste that is thrown down your kitchen sink, let the water run through the drain for a longer period. This will help clear debris from inside the unit. Helping prevent you from having a last minute stoppage!

2- Wrap Your Pipes

During the holidays, one of the last things homeowners want to happen is a pipe leak. That is why it is recommended to have a licensed technician inspect and winterize your plumbing system. Wrapping your pipes before the holidays helps to protect them from colder temperatures. A licensed plumber can come out and assess your pipes, to help determine which pipes need to be insulated and inform you of any weak points in the line.

3- Clear Your Drains

Before you have guest over for the holidays, it probably is a good idea to check your drain lines. Bathroom and kitchen drains are notorious for clogging during the holidays. See if all your lavatory, toilet and bathtub drains are free flowing. If you notice that one is backing up or slow to drain, it might be a good idea to call a licensed plumber to clear the line. This way those drain lines can be utilized without causing any issues.

Call An Expert

If you need your plumbing issues taken care of, give us a call! Here at Show Plumbing, our licensed technicians can help you get your home ready for the holidays and colder weather. We offer plumbing inspections along with a variety of services to suit your plumbing needs. Give us a call at 281-860-2000 to speak with our team today.