4 Common Plumbing Emergencies

December 12, 2018

Cypress homeowners sometimes don’t realize the importance of plumbing in the home until there’s a problem with the pipes. Plumbing emergencies are more common than you think and can have a devastating impact on important structures in the home, such as to your furniture and even your health. Here are four plumbing emergencies that should always prompt you to call Show Plumbing right away.

Blocked Toilet

If you have tried to do all the right things to unblock a toilet to no avail, you may have one of the most common plumbing emergencies on your hands. Hard-to-shift blockages are often caused by foreign objects, such as flushing toys or too much toilet paper at once. Whatever the cause, it’s time to bring in Show Plumbing.

Blocked Sink

Another candidate for most common in the plumbing emergencies Hall of Fame is blocked sinks. Much like its bathroom counterpart, sinks are usually blocked when we are using them for purposes other than what was intended. If your pipes are stuffed with potato peels and onion skins, water simply has nowhere to go but back into the sink.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are plumbing emergencies that need immediate attention. If you have a pipe that has burst, it is important to turn the water off at the mains, otherwise you may have a serious mess to clean up, which could cost you. Once the water is off and you’ve mopped up all you can, reach out to Show Plumbing for assistance.

Water Heater Breakdown

A water heater breaking down can mean an entire list of things. If you suspect your water heater is not working at maximum capacity, it could be due to a number of potential plumbing emergencies. Call Show Plumbing to carry out an inspection today.