5 Plumbing Resolutions For The New Year

December 15, 2020

The New Year is a great time to reflect on the past and set new goals for the future. Plan to take care of your home this year by sticking to these plumbing resolutions. The tips we will share below are simple (and also useful) ways to keep your plumbing strong in 2021.

1- Take Care Of Your Water Heater

Water heaters need regular maintenance to stay in top shape. However, most homeowners aren’t aware of this! Have a plumber inspect your water heater every year. They can flush out the system and also make sure no sediment has built up. This is an easy way to keep a crucial part of your home functioning properly.

2- Protect Your Pipes

The cold winter months can be hard on your pipes. Plummeting temperatures can cause your pipes to freeze. Protect your pipes this winter with insulation. It’s a simple way to prevent freezing and to also extend the life of your pipes.

3- Cover Your Drains

Hair clogs are a common shower drain problem. These clogs can lead to nasty standing water and frustrating plumbing issues. However, there is a simple way to prevent these clogs. Purchase a drain cover for your bathroom this New Year. A drain cover will catch this hair, making it easy to remove.

4- Fix Your Dripping Faucets

This is another simple change that can make a world of difference. Let’s face it: dripping faucets are annoying. However, they can also be very wasteful. All of those drips add up, causing you to lose precious water. Simply tighten your taps for a surprisingly easy New Year’s fix this year.

5- Take Time For Some Plumbing Maintenance

This should be one of everyone’s plumbing resolutions. Regular maintenance will keep your plumbing systems working properly. The New Year is a great time to schedule a pipe checkup. If you need some plumbing maintenance, then reach out to us for more information.

Happy New Year From the Show Plumbing Family!

We wish you and your loved ones the best this year. We also want to help you meet your plumbing resolutions. Call us today to schedule a repair, maintenance check, or another plumbing service.