5 Water Heater Maintenance Tips That Will Prolong Its Life

January 16, 2018

Just like any other piece of essential home equipment, water heaters have a shelf life. The time you will get out of your system, however, will depend on water heater maintenance. All too often, homeowners do not carry out basic checks on water heaters, which could extend the life of the unit.

Although it’s not really a fair comparison, consider having a plant inside your home and never watering it. Sure, the plant may survive for a considerable time simply from feeding off nutrients in the atmosphere, but it will never live to its full potential. Lack of water heating maintenance has the same result, only at a significantly higher cost. With these 5 tips, you can improve the lifespan of your water heater and save yourself money in the long term.

Water Heater Maintenance Basics

If you cannot identify how many water heaters are in your home and where they are located, maintenance is impossible. The first thing you should do is locate your water heaters and familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics of your system. Do you know where the water supply and electrical cutoffs are? If not, make it your mission to find out.

If there is a gas supply to your water heater, it will also have its own mechanisms designed to ensure the system runs smoothly, or you can shut off the gas supply in an emergency. Learn how your water heaters integrate with your other household supplies to ensure good water heater maintenance is observed at all times.

Check Your Pressure

Pressure is a very important aspect of water heater maintenance. If the pressure rises above 90 psi, it can cause untold havoc on your system. Not all systems are regulated in such a way that water pressure is monitored by an external device. If you have an older water heater, it is up to you to ensure pressure is always at optimal levels.
Most water heaters are compatible with pressure regulating valves, so you should explore that option if you want to keep your water heater and any dependent appliances in good working order. This is a critical step in water heater maintenance, as your entire system may become compromised due to the domino affect caused by poor pressure control.

Control Scaling

A water softener is a great way to help reduce the level of minerals present in your water heater. Make sure to use a softener that is compatible with the manufacturer’s guidelines and always follow the instructions for adding the softener to the tank. The last thing you want to do is damage the system while attempting to carry out water heater maintenance.

Temperature control is also part of water heater maintenance. The lower the water temperature, the less likely it is for mineral deposits to take hold in the unit. Check to see if the temperature of your tank is regulated and, if not, consider introducing applications that will control the temperature of water in your heater. For a small additional cost, you could save yourself the stress of having to replace an entire system.

Expansion Prevention

There is finite space in your water heater, which means, over time, it will suffer from wear and tear. One way to help alleviate the pressure your system endures is by installing an expansion tank. The purpose of an expansion tank is to allow excess water to drain out, relieving overall pressure on the system and your plumbing.
The expansion tank allows more breathing room and is an excellent addition to automated water heater maintenance. The less work you have to do to ensure your water heater lasts, the better it will be for your home maintenance budget. The money you spend is money saved in the long run.

Hire a Professional

At the end of the day, there is no better way of ensuring water heater maintenance than hiring a professional. There are various types of systems, and they all present their own unique challenges when integrated with home plumbing. Hiring a professional will save you the stress and worry that your water heater may not stand the test of time.

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