Back to School Plumbing Checklist

September 01, 2021

School Plumbing

While the kids are home during summer vacation, it can be difficult to maintain the home. Now that school is once again in session, it is the perfect time to start taking care of home repairs and routine maintenance. That is why we put together a back-to-school plumbing checklist, of plumbing maintenance that tend to get overlooked but overused as school begins again.

Garbage Disposal:

Kitchens are the heart of most homes. It is the place where families tend to gather and eat. With that being said, it is almost certain that the garbage disposal sees an increase in usage throughout the school year. As you are preparing breakfast, lunches or dinner, keep in mind to never throw grease, coffee grinds, pasta, eggshells and rice down your drain. To help keep your garbage disposal in good condition, run water down the drain for a minute or two after utilizing the disposal to flush out any remaining waste products.

Washing Machine:

Laundry is inevitable as most of us know. Even more so once school is in season! As school clothes and sport uniforms are being changed daily, your utility appliances are being kicked into overdrive. Now that school is in session, make sure your washing machine is properly operating. Perform routine maintenance on your washing machine by checking the washer hose for cracks, seeing if there are blockages or water backing up from the drain line and cleaning any remaining lint from the dryer.

Water Heater:

As the school year begins, morning routines begin to change as well. While most people are getting ready for work and school during the morning hours, hot water tends to be in high demand. If your family is running out of hot water in the morning, try waiting at least 15 minutes before each shower, so your water heater has enough time to refill and provide hot water throughout your home.

For most households, back-to-school is a crazy time of the year. Here at Show Plumbing, we understand how busy life can get. If a plumbing issue does arise at your home, give us a call at 281-860-2000 to have a licensed technician help with your plumbing emergency!