Bathroom Safety For Your Senior Loved Ones – Aging In Place

Bathroom Safety For Senior

As the baby boomers age, more senior citizens are living with family or deciding to age in place.  Aging in place means a person being able to live in there home without losing their quality of life or their freedom. Whatever option you and your senior loved one choose, you may want to ensure their safety and remodel/modify your bathrooms to accommodate your aging family members.  The bathroom is the most hazardous area of your home and especially dangerous for seniors. Hard surfaces, small spaces, lots of corners & edges and slippery water can set the stages for an accident or falls.  More seniors are taken to the hospital over injuries accrued in the bathroom then any other room in your home.

Modify or Convert the Bath Tub with a Walk in or Wheelchair Accessible Shower

Bath Tubs are very challenging for senior citizens to use.  Stepping over the bath tub wall to get in and out can easily cause balance problems and result in a fall. There are several options available to create a safer shower/bath

Modify or Convert the Bath Tub with a Walk in or Wheelchair Accessible Shower

  1. Converting conventional bath tub into a walk-in shower. By removing the traditional bathtub and using that space to create a large enclosed curb less shower that can be customized to your specific needs and style.
  2. Walk-in bath tubs are another popular option, as they are much easier to access than traditional tubs and most have a built-in seat as well.


Install a Grab-bars or Hand rail.

Getting in and out of the shower/bath or off the toilet can be particularly difficult for an elderly person because it requires excellent balance & strength. With the grab bar it makes it easier for an older person to raise, balance and lower their bodies. Having a grab-bar that is well-anchored to hold an adult’s weight will significantly reduces the chances of falling


Install a Grab-bars or Hand rail.

Get a Sprayer attachment for your Shower-Head. 

A shower-head that you can detach and hold in your hand or lower the height can make bathing easier. It furthermore eliminates the need to stand while showering, certainly a bonus for those who have problems standing and balance issues. Being able to sit and shower using a safety shower stool also means more independence for the elderly.

Raise the Toilet or Toilet Seats

Seniors who have trouble lowering/raising themselves up or down onto a traditional toilet can have an ADA approved height model raised toilet install. They can also have grab bars installed for further balance assistance

Also, an alternative can be a raised-height toilet seat can be installed to your existing toilet, many are equipped with a safety grab rail.  These toilet seats raise the toilet height by 3-4 inches

Install Lever Faucets.

Having a lever faucet gets rid of the twisting and turning that can be difficult for the elderly. There are hundreds of different styles to choose from, including foot operated faucets.

No one should struggle to use their own bathroom. If your bathroom isn’t meeting your physical needs, we want to help! Whether it’s adding a simple grab bar or converting your tub into a walk-in shower, we have the products, aging place specialists, designers, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters to make your bathroom one that you can easily and safely use – no matter your age or abilities. is the name you can trust for your bathroom remodeling project. 

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