Before Going on Vacation, Make Sure to Look Out For These at Your Home…

June 01, 2024

Before Going on Vacation, Make Sure to Look
Hey there, fellow traveler! Planning a getaway? Whether it’s a quick weekend retreat or a long-haul vacation, we all want to return to a comfy and dry home, right? Well, fear not because we’ve got your back with our pre-vacation plumbing dos and don’ts at Show Plumbing.

Let’s tackle those worries about leaks, mold, and all things plumbing-related.

Customized Checklists for Different Plumbing Concerns

Now, we get it, every vacation is unique, and so is the checklist. Depending on how long you’ll be away, our to-do list changes. Give yourself some time before you jet off to go through these steps and, of course, if anything’s tricky, our team of licensed plumbers are just a call away.

Checklist Before Going on Vacation:

  • Water Heater: Depending on the age and condition of your water heater or tankless, you may want to consider turning off your water heater and draining it down. To help prevent any unsuspected leaks from occurring on your water heater, you can also use the handy “vacation mode”.
  • Switch off AC/Heat: Save energy and cut down on bills by switching off your AC or heat for the long haul. More importantly, a clogged AC drain may cause major damage to a home if left unaddressed. If you notice your AC condensate or drain line is clogged, we highly recommend to have the line cleared before going on vacation to prevent any unwanted backups while you’re
  • Leaks: Before leaving for summer vacation, make sure to check your home for visible leaks. Active water leaks can pose significant home damage if left unaddressed. If you’re unsure or believe there is an active leak, call a licensed plumber out to assess and repair.
  • Main Water Supply: If you are concerned about active leaks occurring while away, turn off the main water supply and drain down your home. This may not be needed for all homes. Depending on the age and condition of your pipes, turning off the main water supply could be a way to dodge any flooding risks. You may also be able to shut off the water supply to individual fixtures or appliances if needed.
  • Drains: It is important to make sure your drains are well-functioning before leaving on vacation. Clogged drains can potentially lead to extensive home damage. Say goodbye to leftover food and moisture in the sink drain to keep bacteria and bad odors at bay.
  • Have Someone Check In: Get a friend, neighbor, or relative to keep an eye on your place and plumbing while you’re away. This way if anything does occur, your made aware sooner rather than later.

For any plumbing hiccups before your trip, call for our 24/7 emergency service to make your vacation a relaxed and enjoyable trip.

Need Help with Your Pre-Vacation Plumbing?

Taking a break every now and then is essential to recharge and reset. But let’s be real – the last thing you want messing with your chill vibes is plumbing issues while you’re away.

That’s where including some plumbing checks in your vacation planning checklist becomes a genius move!

No matter what your home requires – be it plumbing– Show Plumbing has got you covered. If you’ve got any questions or worries, just give us a ring at (281) 860-2000. We’re here to ensure you head off on your vacation with peace of mind, knowing your home sweet home is in good hands.