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Pex Vs Copper Vs Galvanized Pipes: Major Advantages And Disadvantages

July 1, 2019

If you want to re-pipe your old house or are considering piping options for a new home, you have 3 major options. You either go with PEX pipes, copper pipes, or galvanized steel pipes. To make your decision easier, let’s compare the pros and cons of each option below:  Galvanized Steel Pipes Most homes built … Continue reading “Pex Vs Copper Vs Galvanized Pipes: Major Advantages And Disadvantages”

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How to Determine if Your Home Needs Repiping

June 15, 2019

When the plumbing system in your home starts to deteriorate, there will be different warning signs that start appearing in your home. If you have noticed any of the following, it is time to replace your pipes. The longer you take to re-pipe, the more damage is caused to your home and property, which means … Continue reading “How to Determine if Your Home Needs Repiping”

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What Causes Rusty Water and How do I Get Rid of It?

May 30, 2019

Have you ever washed your hands or taken a shower and the water just didn’t seem right? You noticed that the water was a dirty brown color instead of clear and it had a foul smell to it.  Red flags go up in your head and you know this is something that needs to be … Continue reading “What Causes Rusty Water and How do I Get Rid of It?”

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Warning Signs That You Have a Sewer Line Problem

May 2, 2019

What causes Sewer line problems: *Old Sewer pipes:  Sewer pipes corrode/deteriorate over time causing blocked sewer lines and restricted water flow. *Leaking pipe joints: The joints between pipes can decay or break.  This allows sewer water to escape into the ground. *Tree root invasion: If you have large trees or shrubs, your sewer line may … Continue reading “Warning Signs That You Have a Sewer Line Problem”

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Preventing Water Damage While on Vacation

April 23, 2019

Summer is upon us and people are already finalizing their vacation plans. Before you go on your trip, it is important to ensure that your home is safe from possible water damage. Every year, homes and home appliances are destroyed because homeowners fail to take the necessary steps to prevent water damage. As you go … Continue reading “Preventing Water Damage While on Vacation”

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Why Does My Sink Back up Whenever the Dishwasher is Running?

April 15, 2019

Coming home and finding your sink filled with the water from the dishwasher is very unpleasant and inconvenient.  The water from your dishwasher drain and your sink flow through the same drainage line.  So, any clogs or blockages within that main drain line can cause water to back up and overflow. If this is a … Continue reading “Why Does My Sink Back up Whenever the Dishwasher is Running?”

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Types of Water Treatment Systems for Residential Usage

March 21, 2019

Depending on the issues they face, there are different types of treatment systems available to homeowners looking to improve the quality of water in their homes. The most common problems include colored water, contaminations, and water hardness. Here are the different types of water treatment systems and the problems that they address: Water softening Water … Continue reading “Types of Water Treatment Systems for Residential Usage”

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Hard Water and How it Affects Plumbing

March 18, 2019

Nearly 90% of American homes are affected by hard water and if you’ve noticed a powdery deposit around your tap in the past, it is likely that you are part of the majority. Water is described as hard if it contains high concentrations of calcium, magnesium, and some other trace metals. If you don’t make … Continue reading “Hard Water and How it Affects Plumbing”

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Bathroom Safety For Your Senior Loved Ones – Aging In Place

February 22, 2019

As the baby boomers age, more senior citizens are living with family or deciding to age in place.  Aging in place means a person being able to live in there home without losing their quality of life or their freedom. Whatever option you and your senior loved one choose, you may want to ensure their … Continue reading “Bathroom Safety For Your Senior Loved Ones – Aging In Place”

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4 Signs You May Need a New Garbage Disposal

January 25, 2019

The last thing you want to deal with is a garbage disposal that has seen better days. Unfortunately, even the most loyal kitchen appliances have an expiration date. If you feel something isn’t quite right with your garbage disposal, here are four signs that you might need a replacement. Strange Noises and Slow Performance You … Continue reading “4 Signs You May Need a New Garbage Disposal”

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