Celebrate World Plumbing Day!

March 01, 2020

At Show Plumbing, we know that plumbing systems are vital. Once we explain the important role that plumbing plays in society, we’re sure you’ll agree. Plumbing keeps our communities safe and sustainable and is crucial for public health and prosperity around the globe. On March 11, we are joining the World Plumbing Council to celebrate World Plumbing Day. Read on to learn why something as simple as plumbing is so important.

Do You Take Plumbing For Granted?

Most of us run the bathtub, use our kitchen taps, and flush the toilet without a second thought. However, many people in the world aren’t so lucky. According to the CDC, over 780 people around the world do not have an adequate water supply. They also report that approximately 2.5 billion people, or 35% of the world’s population, do not have access to improved sanitation like flush toilets. Lacking water and sanitation facilities means that these people cannot take care of their basic needs with dignity and will often struggle to get drinking water for their families.

A Deadly Problem Across the Globe

A lack of plumbing is not only a loss of dignity. For many people, this can be a life-threatening problem. Globally, over 300,000 children die each year because of water contamination. The plumbing provides people with access to water and helps to prevent the spread of preventable diseases.

You Can Make a Difference

You can help people across the world benefit from plumbing. Charities like the Red Cross and
The Water Project works to provide communities with safe water and sanitation facilities, so visit their websites to learn about ways to help or to make a donation. You can also help closer to home. Some communities in the US still lack proper water and sanitation as well. Talk with your church, community leaders, and local charities about ways you can make a difference.