Being Proactive during Covid-19: Clean Water and its importance during the Pandemic?

February 15, 2021

Clean water has always been essential for people, livestock and vegetation; however, now more than ever homeowners are putting an importance on the cleanliness of their water. Because of the pandemic, the contents and compounds in the water that flows through our homes is being scrutinized at a larger scale unlike ever before. Take a moment to think, not only do you drink your household water, it is used in cooking, washing your hands, bathing, washing dishes, doing laundry and much more. When a homeowner really takes that time to evaluate how often their water is used and how it affects their life, they are then able to understand the true importance of clean water.

Cleaning Water
That is where a plumbing company steps in. Their service professionals are able to perform a water analysis on an individual household. After the water analysis is performed, the service professional is able to provide the necessary solution to ensure clean water for the entire home. Various options include reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, water filters and many more. The service professional can thoroughly explain the purpose of these systems as well as which one he would recommend for you and your home.

Educating a homeowner on the purpose on these systems helps guide a homeowner to choose the best option for their household. For example, the purpose of a water softener differs completely from a water filter. A water softeners main purpose is to “soften” the water that is flowing through your homes pipes and fixtures by removing hard minerals like calcium and the amount of lime deposits in the water. Both of which can cause blockages in faucets, appliances and piping within your home. Whereas a Water Filter, removes the impurities of your household water by reducing chemical and biological containments. These contaminants include bacteria, chlorine, pesticides, parasites and viruses. All of which can be extremely harmful for you and your homes health. It is quite important to know how clean the water is that is being supplied to your home. Not only for your homes sake but for your health as well. If you are interested to have a water analysis performed at your household to inform you of the current condition of your potable water call Show Plumbing at 281-860-2000.