Common Plumbing Issues for Rental Properties

Plumbing issues are common at a rental property. With that being said, landlords can take charge of the situation by knowing which issues occur most frequently and the ways to protect their home. Below, we’ll share some pro tips that try and prevent these issues and that help protect your investment property.

Leaking or Dripping Water

Leaking pipes/faucets are a common issue in rental properties. Leaks might come in the form of a steady stream of water, or they might be more subtle, such as a dripping faucet. As the landlord, it is important to protect your investment property from any home damage. Be proactive and schedule routine plumbing maintenance for a licensed plumber to inspect your fixtures to make sure they are operating properly so that way you can try to catch any leaks early on before it starts causing damage. Another pro tip is to know where the shut off valves are for your fixtures along with the main shut off valve to the home is and to relay that information to your tenant. This way your tenant knows how to shut off the water in case of an emergency. Potentially saving you from any home damage from occurring. Saving you time and money.

Running Toilets

Continuously running toilets are another common plumbing issue that landlords tend to face. Even something as minor as a running toilet, can become a more frustrating issue for landlords and renters to deal with. A toilet that is continuously running is wasting gallons upon gallons of water. If left unaddressed, you or the tenant could face a costly water bill. Leading to a potentially frustrated tenant that might expect you to resolve the issue immediately causing a headache for the you, the landlord to deal with.

Clog Drains

As a landlord it is important to communicate to your tenants what to flush and what not to flush down their drains. By that, we mean particularly for the toilet and kitchen drains. For the kitchen drain lines, food waste such as grease, coffee grounds, eggshells and more, are recommended to be thrown in the trash rather than put down the kitchen drain line. This helps prevent the kitchen drain from getting clogged or the garbage disposal from jamming. It is also important to inform your renters, to only flush toilet paper down their toilet drains. This means, flushable wipes, feminine products and paper towels need to be properly disposed of elsewhere. As a landlord it is important to inform your tenants of what to flush, as renters can be unaware of the sensitivity of drain lines and throw anything down them, leading to frequent and costly repairs.

Show Plumbing Can Help

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