Common plumbing issues

June 07, 2016


Plumbing is one of those you don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about until something goes wrong. Then you realize how essential plumbing is to maintaining the quality of life you’ve grown accustomed to. Everyone has plumbing issues from time to time; no matter how well the work has been done there is a lot of potential for things to go wrong. This is because of the many different items and factors involved in plumbing. Something as small as a washer getting worn can result in the total water supply of your home getting affected.

Pressure Issues

This is easily the most common issue people face when it comes to plumbing. The reason that this issue is so common is that multiple things can cause this. Maybe one of your pipes is leaking. Maybe a washer got dislodged. There might be something stuck to the filter. The fact that there are so many different problems which all result in a reduction in pressure makes it harder to diagnose by anyone except an experienced plumber. Don’t get an amateur to do plumbing because they can end up damaging all the plumbing of your house.

Dirty Water

This is more common than you might think. If the water in your house has suddenly started to appear or taste dirty then you have plumbing issues. A common reason is that waste water somehow gets into the system. There could also be rust somewhere in your plumbing causing the change in appearance. Dirty water is relatively easy to diagnose. Since you can easily see the contaminants in the water you will also be able to quickly deduce where the contamination happened. If the water has started smelling, looking, or tasting strange you need to get it checked immediately to ensure that it isn’t something harmful for you.

Hot water problems

Often the hot water will just stop coming out of your faucets. Other times it will be too hot. One of the most frustrating issues when it comes to hot water is when the water isn’t being mixed properly. You know how in some old homes you either get freezing cold water or scalding hot water? That is because there is an issue in the plumbing somewhere. Get it checked by a plumber and you’ll be easily able to adjust the water temperature to your liking.


A small leak can lead to a lot of damage. The first problem is that a small leak will slowly turn into a huge leak. Once the pipes start to corrode from the inside due to exposure happening due to the leak you are looking at a lot of expenses. Water leakage will also cause quite a lot of damage to your home. Anything made of wood will be ruined. If there are any electrical outlets near the leak it can also cause a huge safety hazard. If you see a leak anywhere you need to immediately determine where it is coming from. If it is in a dangerous place call the plumber immediately.