Fixing A Water Line Leak in Your Yard

A water line leak is a common problem towards the end of summer. However, this problem can also be confusing. Water lines can be difficult to find. Even if you know where the water line is, it can still be hard to locate the leak. Below, we’ll tell you how to find your leak and what to do next.


What is a Water Line?

Your water line is the pipe that brings your water supply into your home. These lines typically run through a person’s yard in order to bring water from the mainline to the other supply lines. Your water line may cause problems in your yard, as this is where the line runs. However, a water line leak can also cause a plumbing problem inside your home.


Is It A Water Line Leak?

A water line leak can cause a few different problems. Like we mentioned before, these problems might occur in your yard, above the waterline. Your front yard might have flooding, puddles, or other areas of excess water. You might also experience drops in your water pressure. Also, water leaks are not very energy efficient. Thus, you might deal with a running water meter or surprisingly high water bills.


It’s a Water Line Leak. What Do I Do?

If you have a leak, then it’s important to seek help. Water lines are long and often buried in hard-to-reach places. A plumber will be able to locate the exact source of the leak so they can fix the problem quickly. They can also test for other plumbing problems and service your pipes. This will solve your water line problems and also prevent further issues.


Emergency Plumbing in Cypress

Whether you have a water line issue or another plumbing emergency, Show Plumbing is here to help. We offer quick and professional service for both emergency repairs and also regular maintenance. If your yard is flooding, then we will be able to identify the cause and fix the leak quickly. Call us to learn more today.


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