French Drains: What Are the Benefits? What Does Maintenance Look Like?

Are you dealing with persistent dampness in your lawn or finding water accumulating around your foundation after a heavy rainfall? Fear not, there’s a simple and effective solution – the French drain. Maintaining good drainage is crucial to keeping your yard and foundation in good condition, keeping your home dry and free from mold. As most of us Houstonians know, our city is built on a flat plain that is close to sea level. This means when Houston experiences heavy rainfall, the runoff water tends to accumulate in low points or in areas where there is poor drainage. If your yard is not sloped correctly, you may notice water accumulate in certain areas of the yard or near your foundation after heavy rainfall. If water is accumulating near your foundation, it can cause the base of your home to erode, leading to potentially costly and time-consuming foundation repairs. A cost-effective and beneficial solution to this problem is by installing French drains.

Let’s delve into the world of French drains, covering everything you need to know, from their definition and functionality to installation, costs, and more.

Understanding the French Drain System: How Do French Drains Work?

Picture this: a bedded trench, with connected pipes on top, strategically placed around your home to redirect water away. Water always seeks the easiest path, flowing into loose soil pockets. A French drain creates this path by forming a trench that guides water away from the soil. Gravity plays a key role, forcing water down the slope of the pipe to the discharge point.

The first part, the assessment, is when a licensed professional comes out to your home to assess your yard, the current drainage, and the low points. Once a licensed professional identifies the low points and flood prone areas in your yard, they should be able to provide their recommendations for the route and location of the French drains and catch basins.

Once the project has started, a trench will be dug. A trench is a type of excavation, where a depression is made in the ground. This is an important part of the French drain installation. As the trench needs to be at the correct slope and elevation for effective water flow. Once the trench has been properly dug, bedded, and lined, then your French drains are ready to be installed. From there, your licensed professional should be able to put together and install your new yard drains.

A French drain works wonders for a poor draining yard, making it so there is proper drainage around the foundation and the home. Helping prevent water from seeping into your home or eroding away at your foundation. Instead of letting water damage your foundation, the French drain reroutes water to a proper discharge point, hopefully solving your outdoor drainage issue.

Benefits of French Drains

French drains offer several benefits:

  • Efficient Drainage: Eliminates puddles of stagnant water and water accumulation in low areas
  • Protects The Foundation: Redirects water away from your home or foundation.
  • Affordable: A cost-effective solution compared to other waterproofing methods.
  • Lawn Transformation: Turns a damp lawn or pasture into a usable space like a garden or play area.
  • Quick Installation: The process is relatively fast and straightforward.

French Drain Maintenance

Maintenance is minimal but crucial. French drain maintenance is less time consuming compared to other parts of your plumbing system. Most of the time, it is recommended to annually clean out your French drains to prevent debris buildup. Since French drains are installed to collect groundwater, they tend to collect things like leaves, mud, and twigs. If your French drains are clogged or slowly draining, call a licensed professional to inspect and maintenance. Maintenance normally entails cleaning out the drains by running a cable machine or performing a jetting service. Once the cleaning has been done, water should be able to effectively drain.

Summing Up

Armed with this knowledge about French drains, you can make informed decisions about installation, maintenance, and cleaning. If you need assistance, Show Plumbing is here to help with installation, cleaning, repair, and maintenance of French drains. To schedule service, give us a call at (281) 860-2000! Your dry and happy home awaits!

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