Home Remodels Gone South! How Remodeling Can Damage Your Plumbing

During a home remodel, you’ll have the opportunity to change the look of your space. However, it is important to protect the parts of your home that are beneath the surface, too. Lots of homeowners end up with damaged plumbing systems while renovating, which creates extra expenses and time delays. Make your project easier by avoiding these issues in the first place! Below, we’ll share the most common plumbing problems that come up during home remodels and how you can prevent them.


If you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, then it is very important to make sure that a licensed plumber is a part of your renovation crew. The reason why this is so important is because your home contains water lines, drainage lines and potentially gas lines. These are all a part of your plumbing system and something that a licensed plumber will have knowledge and experience in properly disconnecting and installing. A pro tip; when having a bathroom or shower remodeled it is crucial that a licensed plumber is a part of your renovation team. Especially when moving the location of drain or water lines, connecting drain or water lines to fixtures, or even installing your shower valve and shower pan. If not done properly, this can lead to a plumbing disaster, creating time delays and extra expenses.

DIY and Handyman Disasters

What happens a lot of the times is homeowners think that a handyman or a single crew that specializes in a particular type of trade can get the whole remodel performed.  Most of the time, this is simply just not the case. For example, we see a lot of the times when homeowners have their floors renovated in a bathroom, that they will have their floor/tile crew pull and reset the toilet. Big mistake! This can lead to a plumbing disaster! Most of the time, tile/floor crews do not have the knowledge or experience to properly pull and reset a toilet. By not properly securing the toilet to the floor, this can allow water and sewage to seep through the base of the toilet and leak all over your new floors! Even something as small as pulling and resetting a toilet can lead to a plumbing disaster. Call us today at 281-860-2000 to have one of our licensed plumbers come out to your home and assist with your home renovations.

A Professional Plumber Can Help

Don’t attempt to handle your plumbing issues on your own! At Show Plumbing, we offer plumbing services for every step of the home renovation process. Whether you’re just getting started on your remodel or you’re already adding the finishing touches, we can inspect your plumbing and offer you tailored solutions for your needs. Call us today at 281-860-2000 to get started!

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