How a Camera Inspection Tool Can Reveal What’s Happening With Your Pipes

June 01, 2020



How a Camera Inspection Tool Can Reveal What’s Happening With Your Pipes

Sometimes, plumbing issues can seem complicated. If you aren’t sure what is causing your pipe or drain problem, you might think that a complicated or expensive procedure will be needed to identify the issue. Luckily, there is an easy solution available. Read on to learn how your plumber can get to the root of your pipe problem with a camera inspection tool.

What is a Camera Inspection?

During a camera inspection, a plumber will investigate your pipe issues using a small camera. This camera is attached to a flexible snake for easy movement in your plumbing system. The plumber will use a computer to view the camera’s footage, allowing them to see what they otherwise couldn’t.

What Issues Can The Camera Identify?

A camera inspection is a great option for individuals who cannot identify the source of their plumbing issue as your plumber can easily investigate. If you are dealing with a slow drain or standing water, these cameras can identify blockages, corrosion, leaks, and tree root obstruction, all of which are common culprits. By determining the true cause of your problem, your plumber will be able to offer a specific and effective solution. Camera inspections can also assess the general health of your pipes so you can stop potential issues before they become costly repairs in the future.

Plumbing Camera Inspection in Cypress

Are you ready to solve your plumbing issue? Show Plumbing can use a camera inspection tool to quickly and easily identify the problem. To learn more about camera inspections or to schedule an inspection for yourself, give us a call at 281-860-2000.