How a Whole House Repipe Can Benefit You

Did you know that pipes, like many things, don’t last forever? In fact, most potable water lines experience normal wear and tear and eventually start to deteriorate. When this happens, it may be time to consider a crucial process known as “repiping.”

Repiping, as the name suggests, involves replacing the aging potable water pipes at your residence and installing new copper or PEX water lines. Our license plumbers at Show Plumbing are here to guide you through this process and highlight situations that may necessitate repiping. Keep reading to gain insights from our knowledgeable and license plumbers!

What is Repiping

Repiping is the meticulous process of replacing either a portion or all of the potable water lines in your residential or commercial property. Normally, your potable water lines will be replaced with a newer type of copper or a grade of PEX pipe. The initial step for the repiping process, involves a thorough inspection of your home or business, to determine whether a partial or complete replacement is needed.

Depending on your project details, the repiping process typically takes a few days. Typically, your installation will start off by locating and accessing the current piping material. From there, the older piping material is removed. Once the older material is removed, the new pipes are ready to be laid out and installed. Once the new potable water lines are installed and stubbed out for your fixtures, your potable lines are reconnected to your existing plumbing (unless told otherwise). After your new water lines are connected and tested for proper operation, water can be turned onto the home or building. From there, your project should almost be complete! Final touches may need to be done, like insulating new potable lines, cleaning up, performing sheetrock patch or removal. As you can see, performing a repipe is an in-depth process that should only be done by an expert.

Signs Indicating Your Home Needs Pipe Replacement

Recognizing signs that your property needs repiping may not always be straightforward, requiring a high degree of expertise. This is where a repipe specialist like Show Plumbing proves invaluable. We have listed a few signs to help identify the need of repiping.

  • Frequent leaks: As your water lines get older in age, they may start to wear down and corrode. If your pipes are failing and have continuous leaks, it may be a sign that they need replacing.
  • Galvanized piping: Many older homes in the Houston area were built using galvanized pipes. Galvanized water lines are prone to corrosion and rust buildup, leading to issues with water pressure and quality.
  • Rust in Water: Have you ever seen red or brown tainted water come through a faucet? If so, it is probably a good idea to have your pipes checked by a licensed plumber. Most of the time red colored water is sign of rust in your pipes. This can happen when galvanized or metal pipes begin to oxidize.
  • Low Water Pressure: While low water pressure can be caused by various reasons, it may be a sign that there is an issue with your water lines. See, your potable water pipes constantly have water flowing through them. Depending on the quality of the water, your pipes could be facing years of exposure to various chemicals and minerals. Overtime, mineral deposits like calcium or rust may be coating the interior of your water lines. Leading to very low water pressure and the potential need to repipe your residence.

Benefits of Repiping Your Home

It’s completely understandable if the thought of re-piping your home feels like a daunting task, both in terms of effort and cost. However, putting it off will only exacerbate the issue, potentially leading to more significant problems and increased expenses down the road. Investing in a re-pipe comes with numerous remarkable benefits, such as:

  • Improved overall function: Repiping with newer, high quality materials ensures your home’s plumbing system stays current and operates efficiently, minimizing the risk of leaks and potential water damage.
  • Better drinking water: Replacing galvanized water pipes may enhances the quality of your drinking water by removing older calcified pipes that are prone to rusting.
  • Better Water Pressure: Investing in new pipes means you and your fixtures will be receiving full water pressure that provides you with comfort all throughout the home.
  • Get Rid of Discolored Water: Ever turned on a faucet only to be greeted by orange or brown water? This unsightly discoloration is often caused by rust from pipe corrosion. Replacing your pipes may be a solution to this problem, ensuring clean and safe water for you and your family.
  • Lower water bills: Enhanced water efficiency and fewer leaks translate to positive changes in your water bills, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Increased property value: Prospective homebuyers are more likely to pay a premium for a home with brand-new water lines, alleviating concerns about pipe condition or functionality.

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