How Can Air Conditioning Clog a Bathroom Sink?

Clogged AC lines can manifest in several problems, some of which you may not even be aware. If you notice your air conditioning not giving you the cooling and energy efficiency you expect, it may be due to a clogged line. While that can alert you to a problem with the AC, you may not think that a slow drain, or even a completely clogged bathroom sink, is being caused by your home’s air conditioner. The connection, however, may be surprising.

How an AC Clog Occurs

There are several reasons why an AC line will clog. The biggest and most common reason these lines can clog is mold and mildew. In a small area such as the inside of the condensate lines, mold and mildew can grow rapidly. While you may think that constantly running water through these pipes may not allow mold to grow fast and strong enough to cause such a problem, it can be dangerous for your AC. If you haven’t used your air conditioner in a while, such as through the winter months, dirt and debris can accumulate in these lines as well.

Why Bathroom Sinks?

A home’s air conditioner depends on existing parts of the home to run properly. In fact, these AC lines are connected to the drains in your bathroom and rely on them to remove the condensation created. The condensation causing the clog can back up into the bathroom drains. It can also carry the clog through it to the bathroom drains where it can cause an even bigger clog, mixed with regularly draining water from the sink.

Causing Leaks Elsewhere

While a backed-up bathroom sink is most likely caused by the sink itself, and the water and debris that follows, it may also have been caused by a clog that originated in the AC. Unclogging both the sink and the AC drain lines may be able to help alleviate the problem. The same way a clog can form within the air conditioner lines is the same way a clog can be created in the bathroom drains as mold, mildew, and debris flow from the AC lines to the bathroom drain.

Preventing AC Clogs

To prevent AC clogs from mold and mildew, it is important to regularly clean them. There are two common ways to do this. The first is to use household bleach. You can pour it down the air conditioner lines to help break up any mold and mildew and send it on its way through the bathroom drains without an issue. You may also be able to use algae tabs to combat mold and mildew. Either way can be quite effective.

If you have encountered a stubborn clog in either your AC lines or your bathroom’s drain, we can help. Call Show Plumbing to let us know what the problem seems to be, and we can take care of it quickly and easily. Clogs don’t have to be a part of life with an AC with regular, professional maintenance.

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