How is Your Plumbing Affected By The Heat?

July 01, 2020

How is Your Plumbing Affected By The Heat

Summer is officially here, which means it’s time to kick back and enjoy the sunshine. The warmer months are a great time to relax. However, there are parts of your home that work extremely hard over the summer. One of these systems is your plumbing. Below, we’ll share some of the most common ways plumbing is affected by the heat. Once you know what to look out for, you won’t need to worry about your plumbing affecting your summer fun.


Sprinkler System Problems

Are you depending on your sprinkler this summer? Most of us are. While it’s perfectly fine to use your sprinkler regularly, overuse can lead to problems. Your sprinkler might make your lawn too wet. This can lead to spongy, over-watered grass. An easy solution? Try putting your sprinkler on a timer.


Heat-Related Pipe Issues

You probably know that freezing weather can damage your pipes. But did you know hot summer temperatures can also cause problems? Pipes are affected by heat as well as the cold. They can expand when they get too hot. This can lead to a pipe burst. Regular plumbing inspections will tell you if a pipe might be in danger.


Lower Water Pressure

High temperatures can also affect your home’s water pressure. This means your relaxing, cool shower might not be as refreshing as you planned. However, not everyone experiences this drop in water pressure. Some people might also only deal with mild cases. Talk to your plumber if you notice an extreme change in your water pressure.


Need a Summertime Plumbing Inspection?

Lots of plumbing issues seem to come out of nowhere. A plumbing inspection is the easiest way to prevent a problem. A trained professional will examine your pipes during the inspection. They can make minor adjustments, fixing problems before they happen. Of course, they can also make major repairs and deal with damage quickly. If your plumbing is affected by the heat, then call Show Plumbing. Show Plumbing can inspect your pipes this summer so you can relax with peace of mind. Call us today for a fast, convenient service.