How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

January 01, 2023

As we kick off the New Year, we want to start off this year by reminding all our homeowner ways to avoid frozen pipes this winter. If you live here in Texas, you might have noticed that our winters are starting to get a little colder. Below are four different ways to help protect your plumbing system from freezing and leaking.

  1. Wrap Your Pipes

If you have not wrapped your outdoor pipes this year, you might want to consider getting this service performed. Wrapping your pipes is almost like a preventative maintenance. Insulating your plumbing system, helps to keep your pipes protected from freezing temperatures. A licensed technician can assist in determining which pipes need to be insulated and let you know if there are any pipes of concern. Along with making sure your main shut off valve to the home is operating properly.

  1. Keep Your Heat Turned Up

When temperatures drop, it is a good idea to keep your thermostat/indoor heating system kept at a higher setting. Open your cabinets for things like lavatory and kitchen faucets. This will help keep the pipes warm that are underneath your sink.

  1. Keep Faucets Dripping

Allowing your faucets to drip overnight helps prevent your water lines from freezing. This is because leaving your faucets open on both the hold and cold side, allows there to be more water pressure within your water lines. Which means it is more difficult to freeze compared to water lines with stagnant water inside. If you notice your water lines are frozen, try to perform the steps above to help thaw out the pipe. If you notice a leak on your plumbing system after the pipes thaw, call a licensed plumber for diagnosis and quality repairs.

  1. Shut Off Water and Drain Down system

By shutting off the water to your home and draining down your plumbing system you are trying to prevent there from being any leaks inside the home. However, this does not mean you are eliminating all chances for a leak to occur. Pipes are still susceptible to burst. Keep your eyes on your outdoor plumbing. Especially things like your outdoor hose bibbs, water service riser and sprinkler backflow. If you do notice a leak on your system, call a licensed technician to evaluate the leaks and go over the best repair or replacement options.

Whether it’s a quick and easy repair or multiple leaks on the system, our team here at Show Plumbing is here to help. Give our office a call today, at 281-860-2000 to schedule fast and easy plumbing service in Cypress, TX and surrounding Houston areas.