How to Avoid Plumbing Problems?

August 01, 2016

Plumbing problems are common in every household, and no matter how less consideration we give to pipes, drainage systems and faucets, when plumbing issues occur, they create huge problems. However, they can be prevented with regular maintenance and by taking few preventive measures. All you need is little knowledge and effort to keep plumbing issues at bay.

Following are some of the measure you can take to ensure you do not have to face common plumbing issues every other day:

  • Refrain from pouring cooking grease down the drain

    Cooking grease accumulates in your kitchen pipes and can clog the drain, over time. This happens because cooking grease, when pours down the kitchen drain, gets hard and sticks to the pipes as soon as it cools down. To prevent this problem, always dispose of the cooking grease in your regular garbage.

  • Always use drain screens

    In addition to the built in stoppers, always place drain screens over all drainage pipes in your home. They will stop any small items, like jewelry, hair, and any other solids from entering the pipes and drains thus, prevent clogs.

  • Use baking soda

    Baking soda is your best friend for preventing and cleaning the clogged pours, tiles’ grout, grease etc. therefore, make sure it is always available in your house for carrying out several DIY tasks.

    To prevent clogged drains, sprinkle baking soda into your drains and then pour a little amount of warm water so that baking soda spreads all through the drain. Now pour about a cup of white vinegar and leave it for few hours. Flush the drains with hot water and get clean and scum free drains without much effort or expense. Do it regularly to avoid plumbing issues.

  • Keep an eye on your water heater and old pipes

    Although water heaters have long lives but, they can pose a huge problem if gets leaked or ruptured. To avoid this, make sure you regularly check that your water heater and its connection pipes are not rusting or leaking from anywhere. Same can happen with old pipes and this should be avoided at all costs so that you do not have to face a disaster and spend huge amount of money on repairs.

  • Take professional help for new fittings

    It is extremely important that you take professional help for fixing any new pipe, faucet or water heater because they know the right way and have the right tools for carrying out such tasks. On the other hand, if you do such tasks yourself, there is an increased likelihood of leakages which can become a major plumbing issue, over time.

  • Schedule an inspection

    To make sure all drains ad pipes of your home are in good working condition, old pipes are not getting rusted from inside and your water heater is not close to breaking down, schedule inspections by a reliable and efficient professional plumber at least twice a year.

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