How to Treat a Clogged Drain?

July 01, 2024

How to Treat a Clogged Drain?
Dealing with a clogged kitchen sink or bathtub drain can be a real headache. Whether it’s a tangle of hair, remnants of last night’s dinner, or an unexpected encounter with a lost toy or piece of silverware, these culprits can swiftly transform your once-efficient drain into a pool of frustration.

Fear not! In this guide, we’ll walk you through common signs of a clogged drain, reasons why clogs occur, and ways you can maintain your system to help prevent frequent back-ups. In need of professional assistance for a stubborn or urgent clog? Give our team a call at (281)860-2000 for fast and dependable service.

Spotting the Signs of a Clogged Drain

Spotting signs of a clogged drain can help prevent extensive damage to your home or business. Recognizing the telltale signs of a clogged drain is crucial to prompt action. Below are a few ways to identify if there is an issue within your drain lines:

  • Toilet or Urinal Not Flushing
  • Slow Draining Fixtures
  • Multiple Fixtures Backing Up with Water
  • Lingering Sewer Odor
  • Drains Filling Up Without Any Usage
  • French Drains Holding Water
  • Gurgling Noises from Drain
  • Debris-Laden Water in Debris

If you notice your drains are not properly flowing, then it may be time to call upon our licensed plumbers. When it comes to clog drains, it’s best to call a professional, as commercial and residential drainage systems can be quite complex. Not to mention, properly clearing a drain and safely utilizing professional grade cable and auger machines are meant to be handled only for experienced professionals. At Show Plumbing, we understand the importance of thorough diagnostics, transparent pricing and high quality, dependable service.

That is why we pride ourselves on being Northwest Houston’s leading Drain Cleaning and Sewer Experts.

Reasons Why Clogs Happen in the First Place?

A clogged drain is essentially a drain line that has a blockage restricting or preventing water flow. This can lead to slow draining or even overflowing fixtures. All drain lines pose the power to stop up, as they are used to transport waste and other forms of debris from your fixtures to a designated point like a city tap or septic tank. Each fixture faces unique challenges –

  • Showers Battle Hair Clumps and Soap Residue
  • Toilets Succumb to Waste and Debris Build-Ups
  • Kitchen Sinks Grapple with Large Food Debris in the Garbage Disposal or Stubborn Build-Ups Further Down the Pipes.
  • French Drains Accumulate Heavy Mud, Sludge and Lawn Debris
  • A/C Condensate Drains Tend to Clog Especially During Texas’s Hot Summer Months
  • Bathroom Sink Face Large Amounts of Hair and Soap Residue

As you can see, different parts of your plumbing are faced with different types of challenges. Knowing what your drain lines can handle and how to maintenance your drains can help prevent unwanted stoppages or frequent backups.

At Home Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

Promoting healthy habits, like eliminating pouring food grease down your garbage disposal and drains, disposing of wet wipes and feminine products in the trash, and consistently maintaining your A/C and condensate lines, are all ways you can maintain a healthy plumbing and drainage system. Below are a few useful tips to keep your drain lines free flowing

A/C Condensate

As most Houston homeowners know, summer months can be excruciatingly hot. The relentless heat causes most A/C units to work in overdrive. Leading to an increase in condensation, potentially causing your A/C and condensate line to clog. To help prevent this dreadful clog, inspect and maintenance your unit and condensation lines. If you see water inside the A/C pan, or dripping out your condensation line, call a licensed professional for further assistance.

French Drains

French Drains, or Yard Drains, are used to transport water and debris from a low point in the yard to a designated location. Because these drains are used to create good drainage on the outside of a property, they are susceptible to clogging with mud, sludge and lawn debris over time. Usually, it is recommended to have a licensed professional maintenance your French Drains once a year to remove excess build-up to promote long lasting and well-functioning drain lines.


Kitchen drains are unsung heroes of most homes. As they consume and dispose of volumes of food waste and debris. Over time, these drains are prone to clog, as food contaminants are lodged into the garbage disposal and drain lines. Keeping your kitchen drains clean includes disposing of food waste such as pasta, rice, potato peels, coffee grinds, and grease into the trash.

Main Line

A main line stoppage occurs when there is a blockage in your main drain pipes. Restricting water flow so much so, that it may cause a home or building to experience slow draining or overflowing fixtures. When this occurs, it can lead to an emergency situation. When our professionals are called upon to maintenance or clear main line stoppage, they may recommend hydro-jetting or using a high-power cable snake to clear the drain. If you are experiencing a main line stoppage, give our expert team a call at (281)860-2000.


A well-draining toilet is essential to a functional household. To avoid frequent toilet stoppages, properly dispose of feminine products, diapers, and wet wipes in the trash. When these items are introduced to your toilet drains, especially low flow toilets, they can get lodged and stuck inside your pipes.


When it comes to bathroom sink drains, you’ll notice things like soap residue, hair and other products build up inside your drains. Usually with these types of stoppages, your first sign of restricted water flow is by a slow draining sink. If this occurs, you can attempt to clean your sink drains by pouring professional grade bio-treatment down your sink and clearing out built up residue. Still having trouble with your fixture? Our team of licensed plumbers are help in your time of need.

Summing Up

As most homeowners know, frequent back-ups or clogs can cause major disruption. Our goal at Show Plumbing is to provide exceptional customer service, by educating our clients on the cause of the issue and how to prevent issues from reoccurring. Not to mention, offering dependable repairs that address your needs. Whether your toilet clogs from wet wipes, kitchen sink is backing up from grease restriction or your French Drains are full of mud and debris, our team of experts will promptly address your issue and take care of your needs.

In need of drain cleaning or maintenance on your plumbing system or Yard Drains? If you are experiencing frequent clogs, slow draining fixtures, or a clogged toilet, and need professional assistance, give our team of experts a call today at (281)860-2000.