Is your water heater making a popping noise?

Is your water heater making a crackling or popping noise? Are you thinking to yourself what is going on with this water heater? Well rest assured we are here to answer some questions for you today. If your water heater is making a crackling or popping noise it is most likely because of sediment buildup within your water heater tank.

How sediment gets in your tank

This is a result of minerals in the potable water that circulates through your home and water heater. Over time these minerals get “loose” and settle at the bottom of your water heater tank. These minerals collect together within your water heater leading to a buildup of sediment/scale.

Water Heater Noise

Why you hear a popping noise

When a layer of scale forms at the bottom of your water heater, pockets of water will get trapped underneath the buildup. On gas water heaters the gas burner is located at the bottom of the tank. Once the gas burner starts heating up the unit, the water trapped beneath the sediment starts to heat as well. The crackling/popping noise, are the bubbles escaping from the buildup and bursting.

How sediment buildup can issues within your water heater

So what does this all mean for your water heater tank? Overtime sediment begins to harden within your tank making it nearly impossible to completely flush out the scale. An excess development of sediment slows down heat being transferred from the gas burner to the water heater. This can cause the inner lining of the water heater to deteriorate. Which leads to the water heater losing its ability to properly heat the water. Making the efficiency and longevity of the water heater decrease.

That is why it is strongly recommended to have water heaters flushed/maintenance at least once a year. Annual maintenance on your water heater will flush out scale development within the water heater. Resulting in your water heater running more efficiently, a prolonged water heater life and potentially less annual repair cost. If you are hearing a popping noise come from your water heater or need an annual water heater flush, give Show Plumbing a call at 281-860-2000!

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