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At Show Plumbing, a family-owned and operated plumbing company in Katy, TX, we pride ourselves on integrity and top-notch craftsmanship. From slow drains and clogged pipes to leaky water heaters and urgent plumbing emergencies, our skilled team is always prepared to assist you. We understand the importance of a reliable plumbing system in your home or business, and we are committed to delivering timely and dependable services every time.

Our mission is to be your go-to plumbing solution in Katy, TX. With over 25 years of industry experience, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology to ensure the best results for our customers.

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    Common Plumbing Issues We Resolve

    Plumbing problems can be a major source of stress and disruption. Addressing issues promptly is key to maintaining a healthy plumbing system. Here are some of the most common problems we handle:

    Leaky Faucets:

    Have you ever had a faucet continuously dripping? This may be caused by worn-out washers, old O-rings, or cartridges. At Show Plumbing, our licensed plumbers will provide reliable repair and installation recommendations that will effectively take care of your faucet leak.

    Clogged Drains:

    A clog drain or stoppage, can cause major disruption at a home or business. A blockage can result from the usage of wet wipes, grease, food waste, or other debris. Sometimes, deeper issues are at play but our drain cleaning and repair in Katy, TX will be the perfect solution.

    Running Toilets:

    There are several internal components that can cause a toilet to continuously run or fill up. Sometimes, this is caused by a leaking flapper valve or float assembly. Our professional plumbers help with fixing leaks and replacing the whole toilet.

    Low Water Pressure:

    This can be caused by various factors. Sometimes, low water pressure can be due to mineral buildup, leaks, or outdated fixtures, which is often remedied by cleaning pipes, repairing leaks, or updating fixtures. For accurate diagnostics and dependable repairs, give our Katy plumbers a call today.

    Leaking Pipes:

    Leaky water pipes can cause significant home damage and costly repairs. Pipe damage, cracks, or corrosion are usual culprits. For thorough diagnosis and quality repairs, contact our experienced plumber in Katy.

    Faulty Water Heaters:

    Problems may arise from leaking water heater valves, sediment buildup, or a malfunctioning pilot light. Our professionals can troubleshoot and resolve these issues by thoroughly inspecting the unit to determine what repairs are needed to fix the water heater.

    Broken Sewer Lines:

    Older sewer lines, broken sewer lines, tree roots, or ground movement can cause breaks. Our licensed plumbers in Katy, TX, conduct camera inspections to identify and repair or replace damaged lines.

    Leaking Shower:

    A leaky shower can be caused by many things. Some common reasons may include a faulty cartridge, a leaky shower valve or damaged shower pan. We are here to resolve all the shower head issues to make your bath a relaxed one.

    Commercial & Residential Plumbing Services

    Plumbing issues can – and do- occur at the most inconvenient times. That’s why Show Plumbing offers prompt plumbing repair and plumbing installation to all of our customers. Below you will find a complete list of the plumbing services we offer.

    General Plumbing Services
    General Plumbing Services

    For top-quality plumbing repairs, our skilled team is ready to help. From leaks to clogs, we handle all plumbing issues with professionalism and expertise, ensuring your system operates flawlessly. Our services include:

    • Bathroom Plumbing
    • French Drain
    • Gas Plumbing
    • Hot Water Heater
    • Kitchen Plumbing
    • Pipe Leaks & Repair
    • Repiping Services
    • Tankless Hot Water Heater
    • Water Quality
    • Bathroom, Shower, & Kitchen Remodeling

    Drains & Sewers Services
    Drains & Sewers Services

    Seeking drain and sewer cleaning services in your area? Our expert plumbers use advanced techniques to clear your drains effectively, ensuring smooth water flow and eliminating clogs and backups. Trust our reliable services for a trouble-free drainage system.

    Water Heaters Services
    Water Heaters Services

    Need a water heater specialist? Show Plumbing offers installation, repair, and maintenance to ensure your water heater runs efficiently. Our skilled team provides all the right solutions for your water heater needs.

    • Hot Water Heater Diagnostics & Repair
    • Tankless Water Heater Maintenance
    • Hot Water Heater Installation
    • Tankless Water Heater Diagnostics & Repair
    • Hot Water Heater Maintenance
    • Tankless Water Heater Installation

    Water Quality Services
    Water Quality Services

    Worried about your water quality? Looking for a reliable solution to ensure clean drinking water? Look no further! Our team at Show Plumbing is here for you. As a trusted plumbing company, we know how crucial it is to have pure, clean water. We offer a range of water quality solutions, and our experts will recommend options tailored to your specific needs, all aimed at improving your water quality.

    • Water Softener Repairs & Installation
    • Water Filtration Repair & Installation
    • Reverse Osmosis Repairs & Installation
    • Water Softener Maintenance

    Commercial Plumbing
    Commercial Plumbing

    At Show Plumbing, we provide a wide range of commercial plumbing services right here. Our team of licensed, insured, and experienced plumbers are equipped to handle all your business’s plumbing needs. Whether you need repairs, new construction, or installation, you can count on us for reliable advice and top-notch workmanship every step of the way.

    • Drain & Sewer Repairs
    • High-Pressure Drain Cleaning
    • Repipe Services
    • Outdoor Water Leaks
    • Tankless & Tank Type Water Heater
    • Leak Detection Services
    • RPZ & Backflow Installation

      24/7 Plumbing Repair Services in Katy, TX

      When plumbing issues arise, prompt resolution is crucial. Our licensed, insured, and highly trained Katy plumbers are ready to tackle any problem, day or night. We offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure your plumbing system is restored swiftly and effectively. Additionally, we provide annual inspections to help prevent problems before they start, ensuring your system operates at peak efficiency.

      We know how annoying it is to come home and find a plumbing issue you weren’t expecting. That’s why our team is dedicated to delivering reliable plumbing solutions you can count on.

      Comprehensive Plumbing Inspections

      Preventive maintenance is essential for avoiding plumbing issues. Annual inspections of your Katy home’s plumbing system can ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Our thorough inspections help identify potential problems early, saving you from more significant issues down the line.

      What Our Customers Are Saying

      At Show Plumbing, we live our core values. Check out our testimonials and five-star reviews to see what our current customers say, then give us a call.

      Excellent company. Fast, reliable, and professional. Quotes are spot on and fair value for the work. Service providers are on time and friendly.

      Mike Druecker

      Mike Druecker

      Extremely impressed with Show Plumbing! The plumber was friendly and made a quick diagnosis. They were much cheaper than their compe...

      Amanda Whisenhunt

      Amanda Whisenhunt

      1st time using them we needed to replace our water heater, Jason came out did a throuogh inspection and evaluated our needs. He explained all...

      April Anderson

      April Anderson

      I used Show Plumbing for the first time at my home, very good experience customer experience from Janice to the folks that did my repair...

      Nelson Picard

      Nelson Picard

      Reliable Service and Fair Pricing

      As a family-owned plumbing company in Katy, TX, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service with a personal touch. No matter the issue, you can trust our licensed and insured team of plumbers to handle it with professionalism and care. We believe in upfront pricing, so you’ll never be surprised by hidden costs.

      For dependable plumbing services at competitive prices, contact Show Plumbing at (281) 860-2000 today. We’re here to ensure your plumbing system remains in excellent condition.