Make Saving Water a Part of Your Back-To-School Routine

August 01, 2020

Make Saving Water a Part of Your Back-To-School Routine

Saving water is a project that the whole family can get behind. Saving water is not only eco-friendly but also is a great way to protect your plumbing. Of course, reducing your water usage will also save your family money! Below, we will share some fun and easy ways to reduce your water usage this school year.

Change Up Your Bathroom Routines

Lots of us wastewater in the bathroom without even realizing it. Making some simple changes can help with this problem. Encourage kids to take baths instead of showers to reduce water usage. You can also try using a timer to keep showers short. Try turning this into a game by encouraging children to beat the clock! Also, make sure that kids turn off the faucet while brushing their teeth. This is a little change that can make a big difference.

Watch Out For Drips

A dripping faucet is a common annoyance. However, this problem is more than just annoying. These tiny drops of water add up over time, leading to gallons of wasted water. A quick adjustment will stop these drips. Your family will thank you for dealing with the irritating sound. The planet will also thank you!

Use Your Washers Wisely

Home appliances can be major water wasters. However, lots of us run these machines without much thought. This is another great opportunity to be smart about saving water. Start a new laundry system this school year. Try grouping similar items from different family members together in a single wash load. Also, try to fill your dishwasher fully before you begin the load. These small changes can equal out to big savings.

Need More Tips? Your Plumber Can Help!

Every family’s home is different. That’s why it’s important to create a water-saving plan that works with your unique space. A plumber can help you create a plan for saving water that works for the whole family. Call Show Plumbing today to get started.