New Year New Fixtures

January 01, 2021

As we start a new year and say goodbye to 2020 (thankfully) we begin setting new goals for our lives. Whether that be eating healthier, going to the gym or starting a new hobby, why doesn’t upgrading our home be a part of our 2021 goals as well? For all the homeowners like myself, looking to start off the year by fixing up part of their home we are here to help you!

Most of the time while scrolling through our social media feeds, breathtaking photos of newly renovated homes will pop up. I always end up thinking to myself, as I apathetically look onto my own home and wonder what upgrades I could do on a friendly budget that would create a pristine environment. Well for all the homeowners out there who are like me, here are a few ways to upgrade your home without a full-on renovation project.

Upgrade Faucets

Upgrade your faucets

Faucets are a small piece in the full picture; however, going from a standard developer grade faucet to a brushed nickel, copper or even a gold one will complement the overall room. You could even consider a whole new design. In this day and age, there is array of designs to choose from. Picking out the perfect faucet to accent your bathroom or kitchen will create an ambiance in the room that is worthy to share on all social media platforms.

Upgrade Faucets

Replace your Kitchen Sink

If you are wanting to install a new kitchen faucet a way to further enhance your kitchen is by finding a beautiful new kitchen sink. Finding the perfect kitchen sink to complement your new kitchen faucet can be a wonderful experience. There are so many styles to choose from. Whether you go with new farmhouse sink, double basin, or granite composite style a new kitchen sink will transform the atmosphere of your kitchen. If you are wanting to transform your kitchen without taking on a full remodel, having a beautiful new kitchen sink paired with a new faucet will enhance the overall environment.

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