Oh No! Is your Toilet Overflowing?

June 15, 2021

An overflowing toilet is a problem most people will likely deal with at some point. If your toilet is overflowing, there are steps you should take to help minimize the extent of flood damage.

Toilet OverflowingOne of the first things that should be done if your toilet is overflowing, is turning off the water to that toilet. Most of the time there is a shut off valve located behind the toilet or near where the supply line and wall meet. By turning the valve off you are ensuring that there is not water coming inside the toilet tank. After the water has been turned off to the toilet, proceed to thoroughly clean up any wastewater that overflowed. It is pertinent that the wastewater has been thoroughly cleaned as it can quickly seep in through the floors, baseboards, and vanity. If that is the case, it is critical to contact a restoration or remediation company for damage assessment. From there, contact your local plumbing company for a technician to fix the issue.

It is highly recommended to have a licensed professional evaluate and make proper repairs since there could be various causes as to why the toilet overflowed. The most common reason why a toilet overflows is a stoppage within the toilet drain lines. Other reasons could be a blocked vent, too much water within the tank, or there can even be issues further down your main sewer line. All of which can lead to a toilet overflowing. Therefore, it is dire to contact a licensed plumbing professional that has the expertise to accurately diagnose an overflowing toilet and ensure proper repairs are performed.

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