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Water Filter and Water Softener

Water Filter and Water Softener

The hard water in Houston is tough on appliances, plumbing, and your health. Scale and calcium deposits can build up quickly around faucets, inside dishwashers, and on shower heads. These deposits can become so extensive as to block or limit water flows and pressures. In some cases, tap water can taste or smell unpleasant, and you have to wonder what exactly it is you’re drinking. The minerals and chemicals that are the source of these problems may even pose a health issue for some people and their pets.

Many of these impurities can be removed from your water by installing a water softener and filtration system, and Show Plumbing is the pro that has the experience and background to get the job done right. It’s important to pair a good filtration system with your water softener to manage both calcium as well as other contaminants not removed by softening. To have the very best design for your home, call Show Plumbing and schedule a water analysis and consultation. It’s time to get rid of the scaly build up around your faucets and drains.

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