Possible causes of a high water bill

Are you experiencing an extreme increase in your water bill for the past couple of months? Are you thinking to yourself ‘how can my water bill possibly be this high?’ Well here are some plumbing tips to help with your search.

Water Meter & City

Water Meter and City

The first step that I would recommend, is to call your local Water/MUDD district. When you contact the local MUDD district explain that your water bill has drastically increased and you would like to see if there is a leak on the water lines. A MUDD district representative should be able to determine if there is a leak on the city’s side of the line and if your meter is reading high. After the city/MUDD district has reported their findings, they will help further assist you decide the next best step.

Leaky Faucets

Check your fixtures! Inspect your faucets and shower heads to see if there is a continual drip coming from one of them. This can cause an increase in your water bill, especially if left unaddressed. Just think, if you were to put a bucket under the faucet to catch the water, how quickly would it fill up? To help temporarily stop the water from dripping, try shutting off the water to the fixture, then contact a plumbing professional to further assist in repairs.

Running Toilets

A running toilet can affect your water bill as well. A toilet is not supposed to “run” for several minutes after it has been flushed. This can waste gallons of water depending on how long the toilet is running for. If your experiencing this issue with one or multiple toilets contact a plumbing professional to have the toilets further inspected and repaired.

Pool Equipment

Pool Equipment

This is not as common as the ones above; however, if your plumbing fixtures within your home are working adequately along with your irrigation system, check your pool equipment next. If you see water leaking on the outside of your pool equipment contact your pool company to see if there is a leak on part of the equipment.

There are lots of reasons why a water bill can increase. If you are noticing one of your fixtures is leaking or your toilet is continually running, contact Show Plumbing, a local, trustworthy plumbing company in the Cypress area at 281-860-2000.

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