Potential Causes for Sewer Line Issues

A whole house stoppage or a clogged main sewer line is the type of plumbing issue most homeowner’s want to stay away from. Even with proper maintenance, your drain lines can get stopped up. This can lead to sewage or other waste backing up throughout the drain within your home. Your main sewer line is the main pipe that all the other drain lines connect to. This makes it crucial that the main line is always free flowing so the rest of the drain lines within your home do not stop up. Below are a few reasons why the main sewer line can clog.

Sewer Line

Potential Causes for Sewer Line Issues:

  • Pouring food waste down the kitchen sink like grease, oils or eggshells can also cause a clog or blockage within your drain lines.
  • Disposing of wet wipes or feminine products down drain lines, specifically toilets. These products should not be thrown down drains lines. Properly dispose of in trash/waste containers.
  • Tree roots that have punctured the main sewer line.
  • A belly in the line; which can be caused by soil shifting or naturally lowering overtime.
  • Worn down drainage pipes. Overtime, aged pipes will begin to deteriorate, which potentially can cause a main line stoppage.

There are various reasons why a main sewer line can clog. Clearing the blockage is only part of the work. Identifying why the main line stopped up is also important. The cause for a whole house stoppage can be difficult to identify without the proper knowledge, tools and experience. That is why it is crucial to contact an experienced and qualified service professional to assist with whole house stoppages. Give Show Plumbing a call, our local Cypress business has been providing quality sewer line cleaning and repairs for homeowners in the Cypress and Houston community.

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