Preparing Your Plumbing For Hurricane Season

July 15, 2020

All Texans know the importance of preparing for hurricane season. But is your plumbing system as prepared as the rest of your home? Plumbing is one of the most important parts of any house. However, most of us take plumbing for granted. Below, we’ll share how you can prepare your plumbing for hurricane season.


Schedule a Plumbing Inspection

This is a great first step. A plumbing inspection will check all parts of your plumbing system. The inspector will find any spots that need maintenance. They can also make personalized suggestions on how to keep your home safe. This way, you will know what home repairs you need to make this season.


Preparing Before The Storm

Hurricanes happen, and it’s sadly impossible to prevent these storms. However, there are simple things you can do to prevent extreme damage during these storms. Pay attention to the weather reports and get your plumbing system ready before a big storm. Make sure your drains and gutters are clear before it starts to rain. This will reduce the risk of clogs from debris. You should also turn off your hot water heater if a severe storm is predicted. This will take some pressure off your plumbing system.


Are You Evacuating?

If you are evacuating, then it’s important to protect your plumbing. Turn off your hot water heater and main water valve before you evacuate. This will help to prevent flooding and water contamination. Of course, check other parts of your plumbing before you leave as well. Protecting your plumbing system is one of the easiest ways to protect your whole house.


Preparing For Hurricane Season

Are you- and your pipes- ready for hurricane season? Show Plumbing can help you prepare. Whether you need an inspection or a post-flood repair, our team will provide you with friendly, professional service. To learn more, call us at 281-860-2000.