Shielding Plumbing Against the Chill

January 01, 2024

Shielding Plumbing Against the Chill

As the leaves change and a cool breeze replaces the summer heat, many of us eagerly welcome the cozy vibes of winter. Whether you’re snuggling up under a blanket or excitedly pulling out that sweater you’ve been waiting to wear, winter is the perfect time to embrace warmth. But, while you’re getting snug, it’s worth noting that your plumbing might be feeling a bit stressed. Unlike us, plumbing systems face new challenges as temperatures drop, and these issues can make themselves known in some noticeable ways.

What Plumbing Woes Does Winter Bring?

As the temperatures take a nosedive, your pipes, plumbing gadgets, and drains might face a bit of a chilly challenge. Here are common issues that could crop up:

·         Dealing with Grease Woes

We’ve all been there – those moments when you’re too tired to reach for a jar to store excess oil or grease, and you end up pouring it down the kitchen sink. However, this seemingly harmless act can lead to some serious issues, especially in colder weather. While you might have gotten away with it in warmer months, pouring hot grease or oil down the drain during winter can cause trouble.

As the grease cools rapidly in colder temperatures, it sticks to the sides of your plumbing, solidifying into fat deposits that clog up your pipes. Signs of trouble include overflow and unpleasant odors. To avoid this, resist the temptation to pour oil down the drain. Instead, dispose of grease in a separate container that can be thrown away or composted.

·         Battling Frozen Pipes Fiasco

Winter brings its own set of challenges, including the risk of frozen pipes. When pipes freeze, you might hear strange sounds emanating from your plumbing system, and water flow issues can disrupt your daily routine. The worst-case scenario is a burst pipe, leading to costly cleanup and potential mold growth.

To prevent frozen pipes, consider opening cabinets to allow warm air to reach plumbing fixtures. Ensure a toasty indoor environment by turning up the heat. Letting faucets drip slightly can help maintain water flow. Make certain that both indoor and outdoor plumbing is properly wrapped to shield them from the biting cold. Additionally, using your plumbing system or allowing fixtures to drip regularly in winter can prevent pipes from freezing due to lack of usage.

·         Addressing Hot Water Issues

Cold showers in winter are no one’s idea of a good time. If you’re facing hot water problems or inconsistent temperatures, it’s time to call in the professional plumbers. Regular maintenance and inspections of your water lines and heater can prevent hot water issues during colder months. Don’t wait – schedule an appointment today to ensure you stay warm and comfortable all winter long.

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