Sneaky Plumbing Leak Damages That Will Cost You Money

October 24, 2018

Many sneaky plumbing leaks that go unobserved for a long time might wind up being very costly. Most homeowners and commercial property insurance policies cover a busted pipe or the damage caused by a sudden, unexpected plumbing event. However, they rarely include coverage for a longstanding problem, such as an unseen plumbing leak. This could wind up being very expensive.

The best safeguard might be to have a plumber come in and do a water pressure and visual check, periodically. Nevertheless, most homeowners and even savvy business owners would rather roll the dice with hidden plumbing leaks that could cost thousands.

Slow Plumbing Leaks

Did you know many slow plumbing leaks or those caused by poor maintenance might not get covered by your homeowners insurance policy? That’s right, a slow leak, such as a concealed plumbing leak from the water heater, might not get covered by insurance. Your insurance may not include the repair for a small, steady drip that destroys the plywood and floor underlayment around your water heater. You could wind up paying for the entire repair.

Most water pipes get concealed within walls, ceilings and floors, where a small leak might not get seen. Homeowners insurance policies should cover the cost of removing walls, ceilings and floors to get to the plumbing leak. Check yours. If it doesn’t cover all the repairs except a deductible, consider another before the inevitable happens.

Mold Damage Caused by a Plumbing Leak

Another sneaky plumbing leak that may go unnoticed for an extended period is a pipe inside the wall. A small drip may go unnoticed and cause a mold growth, which could also go undetected. Unchecked mold growth may increase substantially, until family respiratory problems start.

If family members have symptoms of respiratory problems that abate when away from home, you might have a mold problem. These respiratory problems can be worse in infants and seniors, so get a mold detector or have an expert check the air quality. Another thing to consisder: Many home security systems have air quality checks.

Show Plumbing – “Call the Best, Flush the Rest”

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