Texas heat and how it affects your Drains

June 01, 2021

Clogged Drains: Two common types of clogged drains that start to arise during summer are kitchen sink stoppages and toilet stoppages. During the summer, people tend to have more people over at their homes, either to throw a BBQ or to celebrate holidays like the 4th of July. How does this affect your plumbing you may wonder? Well, just think about it, the more people you have over the more your drains are being used. Which in effect causes there to be more stoppages. Let all your guest know not to throw feminine products, wet wipes, or other scraps into the toilet. Toilet paper only. This will help keep your toilet drains free-flowing. Another drain line that tends to get clogged more frequently in the summer, is the kitchen sinks. This is also due to an increase in usage and additional food scraps being thrown down the sink drain. Keep in mind to keep coffee grinds, eggshells, food scraps, and especially bacon/meat grease away from your kitchen sink. All of which can cause major clogs in your kitchen drain line and even whole house stoppages.

DrainA/C Drain Clogs: The most common type of clogged drain that we see during the summer are a/c related stoppages. Well, we live in Texas, and as most Houstonians know Texas summer’s equivalent to extreme summer heat. What does that mean for your home’s plumbing you may wonder? Well, with an increase in temperatures most homeowners are inclined to turn up their a/c. Because of this a/c drain line stoppages tend to increase during the summer months. Algae and other types of fungi will develop and grow in a/c drain lines due to constant moisture. This causes restrictions in the drain line and allowing less space for water and other materials to flow easily through. This especially becomes an issue when the a/c drain line is tied into another drain line (most of the time it ties into a lavatory drain line). This will lead to a lavatory sink or another drain line to clog.

As most Houstonians know Texas summers are lots of fun, filled with outdoor water activities and extreme heat. If you have a plumbing issue arise this summer, give Show Plumbing a call to have a trustworthy and licensed plumbing technician assist.