Toilet Repair, Fixing Toilet Leaks, Premium Toilet Install, or ADA Compliant Toilet Services

Show Plumbing provides effective and reliable toilet repair & replacement services in Cypress, Tx and surrounding areas. You can call us for a toilet consistently running, clog drains, gurgling sounds, and more! For reliable, up front and quality service, give our professionals a call today!

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    Toilet Clogs, Stoppages

    Toilet Clogs, Stoppages and Back-Ups

    Toilet not flushing or even worse, is your toilet overflowing? We understand how frustrating toilet blockages can be. Sometimes, these stoppages are simply due to flushing items that shouldn’t be flushed. Feminine products, wet wipes, diapers and more should never be flushed down your toilet drains. Always make sure to properly dispose of these items and more into the trash. This could help save you time and money, from frequent toilet stoppages. Does your toilet frequently clog and need to figure out why? Depending on your plumbing situation, our technicians may recommend a more thorough investigation of your toilet and sewer lines by performing a camera inspection to accurately determine the root cause of your toilet issue. To learn more about our toilet services, call our team at (281) 860-2000.

    Signs Your Toilet Needs Repair

    Is your toilet not flushing, backing up or wobbling back and forth? You may be experiencing a range of issues, from a malfunctioning flapper to a blockage in the trap to a toilet flange repair or replacement. While toilets are essential for our daily lives, they can occasionally act up. If you find yourself frequently questioning whether your toilet’s behavior is normal, chances are, it’s not.

    Here are some common signs that your toilet may need attention:

    • Constantly Running Toilet
    • Incomplete Flushing or No Flushing at All
    • Water Leaking Around Toilet Tank
    • Sewage Backing Up or Overflowing From Toilet
    • Persistent Sound of Running Water (often described as hissing)
    • Loose or Wobbly Flush Handle
    • Water Leaking Around Toilet Base
    • Water Shut Off Valve or Supply Line Leaking
    • Toilet Clogged or Not Draining
    • Toilet Rocking From Side to Side

    If you encounter any of these issues, it’s best to enlist the help of our professional plumbers. We’re dedicated to providing hassle-free solutions and ensuring lasting toilet repairs. When you reach out to us, you can trust that we’ll arrive on time, assess your needs and plumbing system accurately, and implement the right solution to get your toilet back in working order.

    Common Toilet Repairs

    Dealing with a malfunctioning or leaking toilet is never a pleasant experience. Whether it’s an overflowing toilet or an active toilet leak, it can throw off your entire day and disrupt your routine. That’s where our licensed plumbers at Show Plumbing come into play. We understand the frustration and inconvenience that come with toilet problems, which is why we’re dedicated to providing prompt, effective, and reliable toilet repair services.

    We’ve got you covered from installing new toilets to fixing leaky pipes or clogged drains. We can handle it all when it comes to plumbing! Our inclusive range of toilet repair services are designed to address all your needs:

    Unclogging Toilets:

    Don’t let a stubborn clog ruin your day. Our experts are equipped to handle clogged toilet repair and service with ease. When our licensed professionals are called out for a slow draining or clogged toilet, they may recommend various services depending on the type of stoppage you’re enduring and how they can clear the line. Sometimes these methods entail using a hand-operated drain snake. For more serious blockages, we may employ advanced tools like powered drain cables or hydro-jetting to restore proper flow. If our professionals suspect an underlying issue within your sewer system, we may recommend a camera inspection, or more thorough investigation of your drain and sewer system. In cases where sewer repairs or replacement are needed, our technicians will provide hassle-free, upfront and reliable solutions.

    Mystery Water Leaks from Toilets:

    Those mysterious puddles forming under your toilet tank usually signal there is an issue. Considering there are many components to your toilet, we recommend leaving it to our licensed professionals to accurately pinpoint the leak. Toilet components like a worn water supply line, leaking shut off valve or possibly a busted wax ring, can be the source of toilet water leaks. To help prevent water damage and leaks, turn off the shut off valve to the toilet, until our licensed professionals can promptly diagnose and repair. When you turn to us for your leaky toilet repair, rest assured you’re in capable hands. We prioritize professionalism and efficiency to ensure your toilet dilemmas are swiftly resolved.

    Toilet Wax Ring, Flange and Drain Repairs & Replacement:

    Have you ever had a toilet leaking from the base? Or maybe, your toilet is rocking side to side? These types of toilet issues, usually indicate a problem below the base of the toilet. Toilets are mounted, bolted and secured to a toilet flange which is connected to the drain lines. When parts below your toilet begin to fail, it is always a good idea to employ our licensed plumbers to accurately diagnose and properly repair. Quality is non-negotiable for us, which is why our staff comprises licensed and certified plumbing professionals. With our expert toilet repair services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your bathroom fixtures are in good hands.

    Resolving Running Toilet Issues:

    A constantly running toilet isn’t just annoying—it can also drive up your water bill. Our running toilet repair services can help you save water and money by fixing issues like worn toilet tank parts. Sometimes, these issues have to do with the toilet flapper, fill valve, tank to bowl gasket or more. We understand the frustration of dealing with a continuously running or filling up toilet, which is why we put our customers first. From transparent pricing to swift solutions, we’re committed to your satisfaction. Count on us to address your toilet repair needs promptly and effectively, because your convenience matters to us.

    Standard, Elongated, Luxury or ADA Compliant Toilet Installation

    As far as toilet installation goes, there are thousands of products, styles and manufactures available on the market. Apart from that, how your toilet plumbing and drains are set up may influence dimensions for your new toilet or installation process.

    ADA Compliant Toilet

    Plumbing requires expertise, and attempting it yourself, hiring a handyman, or someone who is not licensed in plumbing could lead to costly damage to your bathroom, plumbing system, or even your new toilet. Entrusting your toilet installation to our professionals is the right move.

    With over 25 years of plumbing experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to properly install all different types of toilets.

    Thinking of upgrading your bathroom with a new toilet? No matter if you are looking for a specific brand, like Kohler, American Standard, or Gerber toilet, you can rely on our experts for your toilet replacement or upgrade. Our team of professionals provide specialized installation services, ensuring your new toilet fits seamlessly into your space and is the height and style you desire. When you opt for us, you’re choosing excellence through and through. Below are various types of toilet installation we provide:

    • Kohler Toilet Installation
    • American Standard Toilet Installation
    • Gerber Toilet Installation
    • Neorest Toilet Installation
    • Luxury Toilet Installation
    • Premium Toilet Installation
    • Standard Toilet Installation
    • Round Front Toilet Installation
    • Elongated Toilet Installation
    • Commercial Grade Toilet Installation
    • Urinal Toilet Installation
    • One Piece Toilet Installation
    • Two Piece Toilet Installation
    • Skirted Toilet Installation

    Have a different type of toilet in mind than one listed? No worries, our team of professionals can install even the most luxurious toilets on the market. Our licensed professionals are committed to delivering top-notch service, no matter the type of toilet your wanting to install, you can trust us to provide upfront and effective solutions.

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