Top Tips to Avoid Clogging Your Toilet

July 16, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, the toilet is neither a trash can nor an all-purpose waste disposal unit. If you use your toilet in such a way, it is going to eventually become clogged. Even if you are using your toilet for its intended purpose, clogging can still occur if you do not practice at least a modicum of bathroom etiquette.

Toilet Use Etiquette

Believe it or not, there are recommended steps you can take to prevent your toilet from clogging during everyday use. First and foremost, it is important to make sure the toilet is flushed after use. However, proper etiquette requires taking reasonable steps to ensure you do not block the system.

To help water flow more effectively through your pipes, get into the habit of flushing the toilet after you go to the bathroom but before using any paper. When the waste and toilet paper are flushed separately, there is less material traveling through the system, reducing the likelihood of the toilet becoming clogged.

Foreign Objects

As already mentioned, the toilet is not designed to handle anything other than human waste and toilet paper. Do not dispose of foreign objects, such as hair, feminine products, baby wipes, cotton buds, etc., in the toilet. These materials can build up in the piping system and act as a dam that will trap waste and other debris. Once water flow is substantially impeded, the toilet will begin to back up and may overflow.

Never pour grease down a toilet, either, as it can harden in the cool water and clog the system. Even if grease or oil passes through your internal plumbing, it will eventually settle somewhere in the drainage and sewage system and may cause problems for others. The same principle applies to any liquid or other substance that is likely to solidify in your pipes.

Show Plumbing Tips

There are preventive actions you can take to reduce the risk of clogging events taking place. Always keep a trash receptacle in the bathroom: it provides a means of disposal for foreign objects, other than the toilet. This is something you should discuss as a family, ensuring everyone understands the possible implications of tossing any old item down the toilet and hoping for the best.

On that note, younger kids may not easily adapt to the new house rules. You have two likely choices here: Allow them the freedom to express themselves and pay to have the toilet unclogged repeatedly, or consider putting childproof locks on your bathroom doors. For both your sanity and your bank balance, the latter is the approach recommended by plumbers all over the world.

Dealing with a Clogged Toilet

If all your efforts to keep your toilet clog free have failed, Show Plumbing is on hand to resolve the problem quickly and effectively. Reach out to us in Texas if you are having issues with a clogged sink, toilet, drains or any other issues with your plumbing system. We are equipped to deal with all your plumbing needs, no matter how big or small.