Troubleshooting Tips for Water Heaters

Isn’t it strange how your water heater starts acting strange especially when you need it the most? Hot water, too hot water, water not being heated at all, or taking too much time to heat and infusing an unpleasant odor in the process, are just a few of the ways your water heater might annoy you.

However, since cold and freezing winters make up a significant part of our yearly weather, water heaters are one of the most essential necessities of our households and regular domestic chores. Here we share some common issues and counter measures to resolve your issues and make peace with your water heater. Read on.

Not Heating Water

What use is a water heater that does not heat up water? As useless as anything can be, you cannot possibly throw it away and buy a new one since it requires quite a hefty investment. The solution for a water heater not heating water may actually depend upon its type and make. Gas and electric water heaters need a different kind of repair. Get your hands on the manual, read through the instructions and check if there is some plugging or gas or electricity connection issue. If the problem persists, consult an electrician to sort out the issue.

Not Functioning as per the Thermostat

This is another of the most common problems with a water heater. You set your thermostat on a specific mark and all it does is heat up water that is too cold or too hot for your requirement. The problem occurs most in old water heaters. The first thing to do is to adjust the temperature on the thermostat and then check the degree of hotness at water faucet. Check for any leakages and also if the pressure relief valve is working in full functionality. If the problem persists, contact a professional.

Discoloration or Pungent, Unpleasant Smell

Sometimes, upon heating, the water gets slightly discolored or develops a deep pungent smell. If this happens, first you need to check for the source of the problem, whether it is the water itself or the heater’s reaction. Check if the cold water and hot water smell same, then there might be a problem with your source water. If the problem occurs only in the hot water, then it might be the sulphate accumulations on the anode terminal infusing the smell or the iron, copper, lead or other mineral adding their hues into the water.

Making Funny Noises

A good, efficient and fully functional water heater does its job in a silent manner – no protesting noises, regardless of how much you make it work. However, if your water heater has started gurgling, growling or making those annoying, funny noises, it is time you get it checked. The initial small noises might be hinting towards a power disruption or probable functionality failure, and if you choose to ignore the issue, the heater might smolder and cause greater damage.

If you have failed to identify what might be wrong with your water heater, it is better that you get it checked for its working and efficiency and to permanently trouble shoot the error. Show Plumbing offers professional water heater repair services in Houston and vicinity, providing quality repair and maintenance service at your homes.

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