Trying to Avoid a Holiday Emergency? Here’s What to Consider

With the holidays around the corner, sending invitations, decorating, and cooking probably are priorities on your to-do list. But, there is one thing which you should pay attention to before getting ready to celebrate your holidays with loved ones around – your Plumbing System. It is better to be prepared to try and avoid a plumbing emergency during this holiday season.

During the holidays, hopefully you get to spend quality time with your loved ones, making lasting memories.  This is harder to do if a plumbing emergency, like a whole house stoppage or a pipe leak occurs. That is why we recommend having your plumbing system inspected, maintenance or serviced before the holiday season kicks in full swing.

With our licensed plumbers here at Show Plumbing, we can perform whole house inspections, to ensure that your fixtures, pipes, drains and water heaters are operating properly. Services can include repairing leaky faucets, cleaning your drains, toilet repairs and much more.

Plumbing Fixtures Worth Updating Before Holidays

There are few common plumbing fixtures that tend to cause issues during the holiday season. This can be due to higher usage or temperature changes that may start to affect your plumbing system differently. So, before holidays are here, it is probably a good idea to have your plumbing system inspected, maintenance or serviced by a licensed plumber. This way they can address any issues with your garbage disposal, faucet leaks, loss of hot water and much more. Below are the more common issues we see arise during holiday season.

·         Water Heater:

Is your water heater giving you a hard time? For starters, you should call a licensed plumber out to inspect your unit and to determine what repairs/replacement options are available. If your unit is older in age, it may be recommended to update and replace your current water heater.

A licensed plumber should be able to guide you on what steps should be taken to reduce the stress on you and your family during the holiday season.  Communicating with you what repairs can be made, if parts or materials have to be ordered or if replacement is warranted due to age or condition. Allowing you to determine what option works best for you and your family so hot water can be restored.

·         Kitchen Sink and Plumbing:

Holiday season is a time for celebration with different foods and gatherings. Preparation, cooking and then serving needs all the accurate things present in the surrounding. Call a licensed plumber to inspect and repair leaky faucets, non-operable garbage disposals, foul odors coming from blocked drains, and more. A licensed plumber can make sure that all your kitchen pipes and drains are clear before anything goes wrong. If you notice any sort of noises or back-ups in your kitchen sink, then it may be a sign not to delay the process of getting your plumbing system checked.

·         Bathroom Plumbing:

Do you think hair going down the bathroom drain has caused a blockage? The easiest way to take care of this problem is to have a mesh strainer over the tub or shower drain. But if this isn’t helping, then it’s time to call an expert to help you out in taking care of the drain before it becomes a major clog and starts to cause your bathroom drain lines to back up.

Toilet clogs tend to happen more frequently when it’s holiday season. This can be due to higher volume or usage, especially in older or low-pressure toilets. Sometimes though, items such as wet wipes are the culprit. To ensure this does not happen at your home this holiday season, let your guest know to dispose of non-flushable items in the trash, such as feminine products, wet wipes or baby wipes.

Summing Up

Having a well functioning and operable plumbing system allows you to enjoy this holiday season with your family and friends. If you do have a list of plumbing concerns or want to ensure your plumbing system is prepared for the holidays, call a licensed plumber to evaluate and repair.

Here at Show Plumbing, our licensed technicians are here to assist with any and all of your plumbing concerns. We even offer 24/7 Emergency services, in case you find yourself in an undesirable situation. To schedule high quality service, maintenance, or repairs, call us today at 281-860-2000.

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