Warning Signs That You Have a Sewer Line Problem

May 02, 2019

What causes Sewer line problems:

*Old Sewer pipesSewer pipes corrode/deteriorate over time causing blocked sewer lines and restricted water flow.

*Leaking pipe joints: The joints between pipes can decay or break.  This allows sewer water to escape into the ground.

*Tree root invasion: If you have large trees or shrubs, your sewer line may be invaded by roots.  Tree roots search for any source of water and your water line are at risk.  If tree roots grow into your sewer line/water line, it will cause a blockage.

*Shift in the soilcausing fractures in your pipe.  Soil shifting can cause a belly in your sewer line. This is caused by sections of pipe which has sunken due to ground/soil shifting conditions. These shifts will create a valley referred to as “a belly”. A belly will collect debris and waste causing a sewer blockage.

*Sewer Blockagescan also be caused by grease build up or objects not meant to be flushed which can all get lodged in your line and create an obstruction; thus, causing your sewer line to become blocked.

Signs you might have a Sewer line problem

*Sewage Backup/Blockage: Strange gurgling sounds coming from your toilets when you are running other appliances which are using water in your home. Multiple clogs in different areas with no logical reason why.

*Multiple clogs/Drains moving slowly at once: If you seem to be having multiple clogs or slow drains seemingly for no reason, you may have a plumbing system wide problem.

*Change in your water bill: Your monthly water charges are going up, but your water usage has stayed the same. This may be a sign of a major leak. It could be either your sewer line or your main water line.

*Sewer Odor: The pungent odor of a leaking sewer is unmistakable. If you smell it around your home, then your sanitary sewer is no longer airtight; there is a crack or opening somewhere.

*Greener grass: If a section of grass in your yard seems greener than usual, your underground sewage line may be leaking. Sewage waste is a natural fertilizer, and if you notice greener vegetation along with a sewer odor, you have a problem.

If you suspect you’ve got a sewer line issue-or just notice a few odd plumbing symptoms that don’t make sense, give Show Plumbing a call at 281-860-2000. We can help you with any sewer line, sewer leak, sewer repair and or sewer replacement need for your home.