What Does A Repipe Consist Of?

A repipe is an important part of maintaining an older property. But what exactly is a repipe and what does in include? Let’s go over the basics of repiping so you can learn what happens during this home repair.

What is a Repipe?

A repipe is the process of updating a home’s plumbing system by replacing its pipes. Obviously, a building’s pipes will wear down over time. Even if an older property is in great condition, there could still be weak, worn-down pipes beneath the surface. A repipe helps to modernize the home and protect the delicate structures inside of it.

What Does a Repipe Consist Of?

Generally, a repipe consists of new water lines, hose connections, supply lines, and valves, as well as a new water main shut-off inside the home. All of these will be replaced with more efficient, higher-quality materials. Water heaters, toilets, and drain lines are not replaced during a repipe, though your plumber can add these services if you need them.

Do I Need a Repipe?

Repiping is often necessary for older homes, even ones that are very well-maintained. This is because all pipes will eventually weaken over time and because old pipes were often crafted using materials that are now considered unsafe or ineffective such as lead or galvanized piping. Newer homes might also need a repipe, especially if they have had significant plumbing damage.

Start With a Consultation

A consultation is the best way to determine if your home needs repiping or not. During this process, a licensed plumber will assess your entire plumbing system and help you choose the best repairs for your specific needs. Because repiping is often a complex process, a consultation will also help your technician and you plan out the project and create a schedule that works for your family.

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