What is Leak Detection?

April 15, 2023

Leaks are a common home problem that can lead to devastating consequences. Leak detection can help determine the location and source of a leak, which helps save you the time, money, and stress due to extensive leak/water damage and repairs. But how exactly does leak detection work? And how can you get started as a homeowner? Read on to learn more about leak detection and how a licensed professional can help.

Know the Signs of a Leak

The first step of leak detection is knowing the signs of a leak in the first place. Not all leaks cause huge, obvious gushes of water. Looking out for more subtle signs can help you spot a problem before it becomes severe. These subtle signs include more expensive water bills, seeing (or smelling) mold/mildew, water spots on walls or ceilings, and possibly low water pressure. If you spot these changes, call a licensed plumber to inspect your system and evaluate if there are any concerns and what the best next steps will be.

Outdoor Water Leaks

Leak detection is a service that is offered or recommended when further diagnoses is needed to determine the source of a leak. Outdoor water leaks can be difficult to pinpoint for a lot of different reasons. For one, generally the pipes are buried under ground, making it difficult to access and inspect. It can get even more complicated if you have multiple lines or systems like an irrigation system and/or a pool/pool equipment in the yard. When it comes to outdoor water leaks, leak detection could be used to help your professional determine the location of a leak. From there, your licensed plumber can assess the leak and discuss the recommended repairs.

Indoor Water Leaks

No two leaks are the same. Leaks inside your home can occur on any water, sewer or drain line. They can even occur on your valves and fixtures. For indoor water leaks, your plumber may start off by visually inspecting your plumbing system or the area of concern and possibly testing the potable water lines. If they are unable to pinpoint the location of the leak, your professional may recommend a leak detection service. There are various types of leak detection services, each one test your plumbing system differently. The type of leak detection service recommended is dependent on the type of water or drain line that your licensed plumber suspects the leak is located on. Once your professional performs the leak detection service and locates the leak, they should be able to discuss the available repair/replacement options, to help you choose the best repairs based on your home, budget, and plumbing needs.

Leak Detection and More in Cypress, TX

If you’re worried about leaks, a leak detection service can provide you with peace of mind. Leak detection services include, but are not limited to, a smoke test, high pressure water test, hydrostatic test or possibly a camera inspection.

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