What To Expect During a Camera Inspection? 

May 15, 2022

Not sure what’s going on inside your pipes or sewer lines? A camera inspection is a quick and easy way to assess the condition of your drain and sewer lines. But what exactly is a camera inspection and how does it work? Read on to learn more about this simple but important inspection.

How Does a Camera Inspection Work?

First, let’s go over the basics. A camera inspection is when a licensed technician uses a small camera to see inside your pipes or sewer lines. The camera is attached to a small, flexible tool that allows the licensed technician to navigate and inspect the inside of your pipes. The camera might use images or videos to record information for your technician. Camera inspections are performed so your licensed technician can visually inspect and locate any issues within your sewer system. Once the inspection has been performed, a licensed technician will be able to go over the general state and quality of your pipe as well as if repairs are necessary.

When Are Camera Inspections Needed?

Camera inspections are used to detect breaks, bellies or low points and blockages within a plumbing system. Sometimes when there is an issue within the sewer system, homeowners could experience frequent clogs, sewage backups or a strong sewage odor coming from the drain lines. In these cases, a camera inspection will help a licensed technician to properly diagnose the issue and provide possible repair options. In other cases, a plumbing system has minor damage that is not as easily detected by a homeowner. Performing a camera inspection, can catch these problems early, which can potentially mean repairs are smaller and cheaper.

Camera inspections can also be used after a drain cleaning service to inspect the condition of a sewer system. The camera findings will help your licensed technician determine the true state of your pipes.

What Can Homeowners Expect?

A camera inspection is an easy process for homeowners. A licensed technician will simply come to your home with their equipment and use the camera on site. The length of your inspection will depend on your plumbing system and needs. Afterward, your licensed technician will share their findings and recommendations, so you can make an informed decision about needed repairs.

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