Why It Is Important to Use a Licensed Plumbing Company

August 01, 2021

Licensed Plumbing Company
Plumbing is a skilled trade, that requires knowledge of water, sewer, and gas lines within a single or multi-dwelling home all the way up to commercial properties involving school buildings, hotels, etc. When a plumbing concern does arise at your home it is crucial that you hire a licensed plumbing professional/company as they will have the knowledge and ability to resolve any of your plumbing issues. While a relative or handyman might appear like a cheaper alternative, their lack of knowledge or misuse of equipment could result in higher repair cost or even worse damage to the home or the residents inside. Below are some reasons why homeowners should utilize a licensed plumbing company instead of a handyman:

  1. Knowledge and Qualification: Licensed plumbers are required by the state to obtain a certain amount of knowledge and skills that are required to install, repair, and service all the plumbing inside your home. From the potable and gas supply to the installation of the building sewer to connecting the appliances and fixtures inside your home. Without this level or knowledge and experience, handymen/contractors are at a disadvantage in providing you with the quality of service and professionalism you deserve.
  2. Insurance: Insurance is something a responsible master plumber is unable to go without when starting up their own plumbing company. This is because the state does not allow a master plumber to own their own business without obtaining the insurance required to cover any damages or material costs to a residential home or property. For example, if a mistake were made by a licensed and insured plumber, that resulted in property damage, their liability insurance would assist with the damage.
  3. Legal Permission: A plumbing license certifies that the plumbing professional within your home is legally allowed to provide plumbing service and has been properly educated and trained.

A plumbing repair could appear to be an easy fix; however, it takes thorough knowledge and experience to determine and perform proper repairs on any sort of plumbing job- small or big. Advantages in using a licensed plumber is that they should have proper knowledge in all aspects of plumbing- gas, sewer, water and drain lines, state and county code and are insured. The benefits of hiring a licensed plumber over an unlicensed one are clear. When deciding who to hire for your home, give Show Plumbing a call to have an experienced and licensed professional assist with your plumbing concern.