Winter is Upon Us, Do You Know How to Keep Your Pipes Safe?

January 15, 2021

The colder months are approaching, which means it’s time to get prepared. But while sweaters and hot chocolate might keep you cozy this season, you also need to be thinking about preparing your home. Pipes are vulnerable in the winter because they are prone to freezing. Are your pipes ready for the chilly weather ahead of us? Below, we will share our top tips for protecting your pipes this winter.

The Dangers of Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes might not seem like a big deal. However, they are more than just inconvenience- they can also lead to serious damage! When water freezes and thaws, it expands and shrinks. This puts pressure on the pipes, which can cause them to burst. The best way to deal with this problem? Prevent the freezing before it happens.

Preparing For Winter

Prepare your pipes in order to keep them safe all winter long. Keeping pipes warm enough is the easiest way to do this. Talk to your plumber about insulation, heating tape, or other products that offer protection. Also make sure that cracks are sealed or repaired and that the pipes are generally functioning well.

Keeping Pipes Strong All Season Long

There are a few simple ways to protect your pipes during the winter. Firstly, let your faucets drip. The small flow of water creates friction, which raises the heat in the pipes. Also, do your best to circulate warm air within your home. Try to keep your garage door closed and make sure your thermostat is set- even when you aren’t home. You can also open internal doors and/or cabinets to let warm air circulate. These little changes can make a big difference!

Talk to an Expert

Show Plumbing can help you prepare your pipes for winter. From inspections to repairs, we offer all the services you need for strong, effective piping. We offer 24/7 support with fair, transparent pricing. Call us today to get started.